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Oct 14, 2004
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If 2+2 are all over this, the truth will eventually come out. It was the collective efforts of experts on 2+2 that outed the infamous scandals at Absolute and Ultimate many years ago. In theory, a poker site can be sued for defamation by accusing a poker pro (or semi pro) of involvement in fraud as this can affect their ability to compete in the game elsewhere as other competitors would not be prepared to play against a "proven fraud". Such a suit would be judged on balance of probability, and if 2+2 are collectively agreeing that the OP is innocent, the same evidence could then be used in such a suit for defamation where the poker site would have to show that on the balance of probability the 2+2 collective are wrong, and their evidence shows a bias towards participating in fraud.

Maybe they have been stung for a large wad of cash through failing to verify deposits properly, and they are trying to recover as much as possible from innocent players who ended up with portions of this cash.

In essence, they are claiming that if you just happen to play against a fraudulent player, it follows that you must somehow be involved in that fraud. This is purely circumstantial, and would not stand up in court against a properly argued rebuttal. It is, however, a convenient and easy way to claw back some of the lost money before it leaves the site, and if they were to claw it back from a player and then allow them to continue to play, it would show that they were indeed punishing an innocent player for their own internal errors.

They refer to "facts", but so far even they have none, all they have is "circumstantial evidence". ANY proper "fact" should trump their "circumstantial evidence", but they have chosen to cite "hand histories" of the alleged fraudulent session as their "proof". This is where 2+2 come in, as it was their collective and expert analysis of hand histories that showed that the two poker sites were themselves cheating by using "house players" who could see the hole cards of other participants.

It took quite some while for the truth to come out, but if 2+2 have got their teeth into this, they probably won't give up until they reach a consistent explanation of events that fits the hand histories and other statistical evidence.


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Jan 8, 2016
If you were both involved in chipdumping then you would be sharing holecards of course . Anyone with a reasonable knowledge of poker would be able to chipdump far more subtly and cleverly than this . It's not hard to play half-decent poker and still lose ( I know I manage it every day :p) A few close decisions here and there can mean the difference between winning and losing. There's really no point in getting allin preflop with KQ v A9 which is not at all "standard" especially when the account you are trying to dump money to actually has the worst hand .
Also the other hands where he gets allin preflop with QTo and KJs etc this is a very poor attempt at chipdumping and staying under the radar lol
So either OP is attempting a clever double bluff where game security look at it and think "wow no way can these guys be chipdumping that blatantly! " OR it is what it looks like which is a poker fish blowing large amounts of money that doesn't belong to him