About " stop screenshots for Norway" proposal

Temperance Fox

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Aug 22, 2010
dear Stovetopp ,
first of all mine was only a little proposal (it makes some difference if someone posts tomorrow?)
2)if "foxy Temp" disappears nobody notices
3)if there's a sort of silence in these "joy moments" operating by all CM members , is quite difference
4)if value of young lifes doesn't deserve any little condolences sign, I really don't know what can happen to move our sensibility

Wish you never suffer any kind of pain like loosing sons, brothers,sisters or friends.

You didn' understand the meant, ok, but it wasn't necessary to comment in that way.
Someone thinks that "show must go on"
No problem:everybody is free

(finally also that man get x 100)

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Jul 11, 2008
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I am very sorry to have made that post. In no way I thought it was referrring to the tragedy in Norway. There was no indication in your post. ,
I honestly thought that it was because you were sicl of the constant complaining that is always on the forum here.
Again my apologies to you and anyone who think that I may have been callous in my response.


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Mar 6, 2007
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Sometimes it is hard to be on the same wavelength as others of different countries and languages. I am just now understanding your intent, TFox. A noble idea, maybe post it in the attic, where more folks would see and understand it? :thumbsup:

Stovetop, everyone knows you had no bad intentions. :)


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Dec 28, 2010
I also noticed your post and found it very inappropriate. But I see you have apologized and explained it was an misunderstanding. That is OK of course. As Jod said, this is a forum where many people do not have English as first language. We must accept and acknowledge that misunderstandings will occur. I think people here will understand now that you did not mean to be disrespectful,

To clarify. I think that the intention of Temperance Fox was to have a 12 hour break in the "winner-screenshots" section in respect for those who were brutally murdered. Screenshots of 100x bet wins or whatever really makes very little sense on a day like that. Actually, most things becomes unimportant. And it looks like people here respected the suggestion from Temperance Fox. That section became very quiet.

But we all know that the normal life and activities at some point must continue. So I think it is appropriate to see some nice wins again now :thumbsup:

By the way. There is a minute's silence in Norway, Finland and Sweden today (12 o`clock-Oslo time)

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