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Sep 14, 2008
Hi everyone,

I deposit 500$ on Royal Ace Casino for the welcome bonus and i withdraw 12 500$... but i just want make sure that the casino pay... because i wait since 7 days and the payment is still pending...

what do you think about this casino ? they pay ?

thanks you


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Jan 20, 2004
Sheeeeet! You'll be lucky if they don't break into your house and steal your silverware.

Yes, "don't pay" is exactly what we're saying.

Actually it's worse than "don't pay". It's more like "randomly pay, maybe, and just enough to make you open your wallet so they can take whatever else it is you have in there".


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Feb 11, 2009
just a tip for you.. once in the past i won from a freeby at planet7 casino.. its the same group of ?+###+

anyway ;-)--- i was allowed to cash out the max, which was 50$---i was already member on cm froum and knew with whom i was dealing with... it was a freeby and i would never ever depsoit with them so i tried my best in pushing them to pay and not to try to fool me around.. ;-)

if i put all together.. it was hard.. and the 50 outcome to my neteller (neteller was no listed withdwal method with them, so they made an exageration which i call outrageous for this kind of casino group) was just payment for the hassle and this is serious!

they tried every trick and i was aware since i put my withdrawal request, so i was the worst partner for them :D

after i always passed their lying cs in minutes i always went to the supervisor or manager or whatever these people there tell you they are, anyway... his name was mike... he was the only one farely trustable.. but he switched between rogue and trustful all the time.. i played the game as it was just 50 freeby winnings.. nothing to loose for me.. after i recognized that they wouldnt stop in trying to joke, play me around with the lousiest excuses i ever heard i went to cds dispute central posted my complaint and left planet7 just the message that i know what theyre trying to do and that iam completyly aware and the wrong one not to pay with shilly and lousy explanation.. i experienced this once at a playtech and i sweared myself never again! ;-9

some weeks passed.. then i received a payment to my neteller from the planet7 merchants account.. which they had at this point.. but neteller wasnt available in the cashier for nobody..

so i ask myself why? mike from planet7 always said maybe we can get it to your netller.. but we use moneygram.. allthough he was weeks before aware that i cant receive moneygrams in my hometown in germany he tried always again to send me moneygram which he knew i would never be able to pick up na dthere should be a note in my account since day 1 of my withdrwal that moneygram is NO option for me!!.. i had to be really direct and pushing to keep him from sending it..

all i want to say with this, if youre new and have no clue they can fool you around.. and i can understand.. normally people dont know much about this procedures...

so i can really tell you post complaint at cds immediately.!!!

only dealing with crystal palace livesupport will make you sick:what:;):rolleyes::eek::confused:

third party maybe pushes them a little more.. as their normal payout activity is low anyway ;-)

ps. dont panic if cds sytem takes very long to answer.. but in the end they were solution for me and the casino paid!



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