A Unique Experience at TIV,not be able to do this at MG casinos


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Jan 26, 2007
Start from Thursday night, play 30 hours and 15K spins
on Scary Rich, at TIV.
Total deposit: 175$

flat bet @ 1.2$

after 30 hours play(have to stop, eyes start bleeding:D) cash out 1500$

Never be able to play such long time at any MG slots.

The free spins never dry out, not like MG slots at all.

Enjoy it. Actually, even if I lost all money I will not feel bad at all, 30 hours play, Last time I did this at MG casino on T/S, 1.35 per spin I lost 5.5 K. After a period,the T/S just stop giving free spin.

HOHO, have a bit sleep and play abit again, looks like the winning steak has gone. Anyway, try it next week.
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