Jonnyjackpot whitehat experience?


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May 31, 2015
Had a very mad 4 months in a row at rizk, unibet and paradise casino. My level of play these days is nothing if we compare to covid early times. I can afford it but after losing 10 times my deposits what I was able to cashout during last months, I got bored. It eventualy happens when its impossible to hit a bonus or a big wins once a day.

I started to play again at a couple whitehat casinos recently as they now offer muchbetter payments in CAD. Felt like games were playing well in terms of rtp. I know they have games crashing all the time, only today my balance dissapeared 2 times during one of those crashes. You know... it came back and for the first time in months... I won 1900$. Jonnyjackpot is a place I never managed a cashout ever... in probably 2 years worth of deposits... finally.

So this morning I made my usual 5 minutes deposit at unibet. 10 minutes deposit at rizk. I saw I had spins left at jonnyjackpot from previous deposit offer. I played them, won a couple dollars, ended up with a nice balance.
I opened chat after wagerering was done, on 3 occasions, I asked if there was a pending period, if max cashout with spins related to deposit. First time took 20 min, dicconected. Second time no answer. 3rd time I received a generic answer about payments timeframe.
I cashed out 99$, thinking they would approve it in an hour. Played with remaining balance. Went from 60$ to 300$ and lost it. So I was about to deposit and I saw withdrawal was still pending. I wrote an email since livechat was useless. Received an answer 8 hours later, telling me I had indeed a pending withdrawal and no answer about max cashout. I though ok its like softswiss or unibet... spins related to deposit is bonus money so why would there be a max win right? I even read their bonus terms. But as usual, could, maybe, if are part of the rules. So I asked again by email and never got a clear answer about it.
Their 48h pending, no answer to my question.. ok. I told myself, instead of depositing I will play with the 99$ pending for 20 hours . I would have redeposit if they processed the payment but was a little pissed at those delays. I get paid in 8 seconds at rizk... I guess I got used to it.

played for hours... 1500$ And 400$ withdrawal pending and now I cant stop thinking about the fact that if they intentionnaly didnt answer my question and that I considered the reversal of 99$ like cash funds maybe they wont? I doubt a well rated casino would screw me like that for not paying my withdrawals? I feel so dumb at the moment. I usually am 100% sure of terms but there terms leaves to interpretation. Livechat and email support = no answer about it... In 15 years, never got winnings denied since I mostly dont use bonus funds and I never abused any casino. I busted so many big bankroll at jonny,captain spins, casilando and hellocasino over time... just becauseI like to give action and win a nice amount or bust. If they deny me my winnings, it will hurt since I asked, asked again and then played for hours.
Not trying to convince anyone of anything. The casinos that treat me well can probably buy a car form me every year or so. Even though, I have a bad feeling...
Here are some of the great moments... :oops:
Any whitehat rep can tell me my anxiety useless plz? Thanks 753BEF06-B21C-47E1-A22B-08DE16ADF372.jpeg C5B632C0-A278-4B82-BBD2-41550048F560.jpeg C9927528-79C5-41FD-AFE7-81296C480336.png


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Jul 10, 2016
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Great casino, good regular bonus offers and also free spins.

always been paid within 3 days, last time was less than 24hrs

played at white hat casinos over 5 years, not once have I had any KYC nonsense and certain no SOW piffle.

would recommend 110%


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Mar 18, 2012

Hey :)

They informed me that casino support will check your account and query and contact you. Reportedly, due to a company policy, this casino is not allowed to speak directly to forum members/players and in forum threads like this one :rolleyes:

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