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maybe someone can give me some answers or hints where I can find some more info about theese topics:

Where do the random numbers come from, when I play at an online casino ?

Do they come directly from the casino server or do they come from the software providers server, e.g. Microgaming, Playtech... (are there differences between the soft providers) ?

Am I conected only to the casino server, or to the (for example) Microgaming server too ?

How about network wide jackpots ?

How about payments ? Who takes the money first (network or casino) ?

Do casinos use pure pseudo random numbers or physically random numbers in their RNGs ?

I hope you get an idea of what I mean.




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You're asking pretty specific questions. I think that different SW providers do these things in different ways, so maybe you should ask every SW provider? :what:


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Yes, I asked. But only got those standard answers, copied from "priv. and sec" sections I think.


Hi poser,

Randon numbers come through the software provider - usually a set algo rithym, which throws up a randon number with a small % of personal input depending on the software provider.

I believe you are only connected to the casino server, which in itself means you are connected to the network for downloadable casinos.

Network jackpots - you deposit and play via the casino and money is taken by both, normally a small % goes to the jackpot, the rest goes to the casino, and a settlement is reached between casino and software provider later (usually end of month).

Casino use pure pseudo random numbers.

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If it is true that they only use pure pseudo random numbers, then I don't understand it. Today it should be easily possible to use a physical element.

When I check the IPs I'm connected to when playing, it's always one owned by Kahnawake if the casino is licensed through them (If Playtech or MG, both).

Both, MG and Playtech doesn't answer my questions.