9/11 - 21 years on


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Mar 31, 2005
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Thoughts with all Americans and everyone who were personally affected by the events of September 11th 2001. I remember vividly the day, I was working at Ladbrokes out in Gibraltar at the time and initially heard of the first plane striking the WTC from the BBC site.

From then on, in all offices and the telephone betting call centre, everyone was glued to the TV screens, as the horror of that day unfolded live in front of our eyes.

I cannot believe 21 years have now passed since that awful day.
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I arrived home after work on that fateful day and couldnt believe what I saw on the telly news. I live in Hong Kong but could imagine how Americans felt - the anguish, sadness. These acts of terrorism is what people around the world deplore no matter what excuse those agitators use to justify the acts.
It was an utterly tragic and horrific event.
But I'll share.
I was overseas (southeast Asia) at the club, and came on the TV.
People stopped, looked at the TV, then the music resumed and the night went on.
We were just so far removed from the event it didnt have any impact at all.
It was pretty much 2 yrs later on I actually got how much it was 'a big deal'

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