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3dice, reddice, and my personal opinion

Discussion in 'America the Beautiful' started by Kelly Jo, Jul 11, 2017.

    Jul 11, 2017
  1. Kelly Jo

    Kelly Jo Senior Member MM

    United States
    If you play at 3dice.com, a visit to reddice.be might give you a start.
    3dice.com's new platform looks very much like the reddice.be platform.

    This is not news to some of us players at 3dice and we've been following this situation for some time now.
    Most of us have looked the other way for the benefit of everyone involved, but when
    the bullshit begins to outweigh the benefits... you know what will happen. Guess what? The bullshit is piling up.

    I don't think that operation of 3Dice was expected to last this long after the transition and I am having a difficult time believing that continued operation of all sites is the goal.
    When 3Dice started, it was illegal to operate an online gaming site in *Belgium. That has changed. Thus Reddice was born..the love child of Belgium's new gaming laws and 3Dice. Lou for short? ** Panache is (among other roles) a landbased casino in Belgium and owns the B+ license for Reddice.be. In order to hold a license for a Belgian online gaming site, the owners must also own a license for a land based casino.

    There is the odd situation that involves the 3Dice's license and a blatant refusal to provide required link information. I have discussed this at length with Anna over the last couple years via email. In the end, she simply told me that the license was good and that if I wanted to verify it, I could travel my happy ass on over to Curacao to get it done. I didn't have to do that. With Bryan's help, I did manage to locate the license and can report that the license is legit. (I had a link to this but am having difficulty locating it. I will update with a source link as soon as I locate it.) So why would 3Dice not provide a link to it's license? Well? It can't. To do so would provide a direct link to another gaming jurisdiction and provide proof that the operators of reddice.be, with irrefutable ties to 3Dice.com, were operating outside of the legal Belgian jurisdiction.

    ***True Odds, the new face of Angle Gaming Labs (3Dice game developers), make no mention of 3Dice. As a long time 3Dice player, this one kinda hurt my feelings. But again... there can be no ties to 3dice, as it would verify operations outside of the Belgian jurisdiction.

    So how is this going to be pulled off?

    It's not. 3Dice is being sacrificed. 3Dice is getting shit canned. It's not a question of if, it's a question of when.

    It would appear that the operators of 3Dice plan to get all they can from their loyal US players for as long as possible and then make a quick exit when the heat gets turned up by an unhappy player that finally realizes what is going on.

    Okay. Fine. I'll be that player.

    _|_ you, Enzo. _|_ you and the smoke you've blown up our collective asses. _|_ you and your sensitive nature at being called out over that ridiculous excuse for a timer and the numerous other coding issues that plague the "new" platform. _|_ you for the Janky VIP changes. _|_ you!

    You must register/login in order to see the link.


    You must register/login in order to see the link.

  2. Jul 12, 2017
  3. petro

    petro Dormant account, per user request PABnoaccred2 PABaccred

    Hi Kelly,

    Sorry, some of this I'm not following, I've been left out of the loop, so I don't know what's going on.

    Yes the webpage design of red_dice does look very similar to the 3dice one.
    What does that mean though?

    What do you mean by this?
    I don't think that operation of 3Dice was expected to last this long after the transition and I am having a difficult time believing that continued operation of all sites is the goal.
    Do you mean after the transition to red_dice? (sorry if it's a stupid question.)
  4. Jul 12, 2017
  5. Kelly Jo

    Kelly Jo Senior Member MM

    United States
    3dice transitioned from a download site to a flash site two months ago.

    3dice, reddice, and my personal opinion: 5909897846504615750-account_id=4.jpg,Jul 12, 2017

    This image was captured by a fellow 3dice player. You will note at the bottom-- in red lettering--there is an automated chat message. A welcome greeting from red dice. To a new member of 3dice. WHOOPSIE!

    This is one of the reasons that i believe that the operators at 3dice didnt intend for the site to remain operational. The platform belongs to True Odds Gaming. Most all of the games were set to reflect loss limit regulations according to Belgian gaming laws.

    Regardless of their intent, it is illegal to operate any type of gambling forum outside of the Belgian jurisdiction. There is no way around this fact. Sure, there are ways to hide this in terms of transferring ownership, appointing new directors (this has been done, btw) etc... but the same folks are still present in the everyday operations, most notably, Enzo. We've been lied to at every turn. The entire gambling community. Long before Red dice was in the works, we were lied to. There are many more issues, to be sure, but I wanted to focus on only information that matters in the end. That being the legal issues.
  6. Jul 12, 2017
  7. rena35

    rena35 Senior Member

    cyber space
    Key i commend you for standing your ground if you see something you question or are not comfortable with.That being said the only part of this i understand is this part and i quote- It would appear that the operators of 3Dice plan to get all they can from their loyal US players for as long as possible and then make a quick exit when the heat gets turned up by an unhappy player that finally realizes what is going on.

    Okay. Fine. I'll be that player.

    _|_ you, Enzo. _|_ you and the smoke you've blown up our collective asses. _|_ you and your sensitive nature at being called out over that ridiculous excuse for a timer and the numerous other coding issues that plague the "new" platform. _|_ you for the Janky VIP ch

    I can not claim to be a computer tech but i am not dumb when it come to things i see. Ignorance is bliss sometimes until a person points out what he or she sees as obvious and then it takes another person longer to catch on. I work hard for my money and sure the old; If you don't like it play else where line is rather old especially if one takes in account the time and money invested in a place. We would at least like a fair chance at ever seeing a small percent of that back (not saying 3 dice is not fair). Sometimes i as many of us do bite our tongues and hope for the best. I am a fighter by nature and very much outspoken when i feel something just aint right. After i was diagnosed with a crippling illness i could have just given up but i can not. It is not in me to roll over.Sometimes i wish i could just take back some things i say but after it is said it is pretty much out of your hands.

    I wish i could comment on the tech side but i would be lying and making my very own tin foil hat if i attempted to. What i was told when i saw a post at a different forum is that they are not affiliated with Red dice. I also thought i saw where 3 dice game are unique to them but i could be wrong. I have been on the site because i am nosy(there i said it) and i saw how the games are almost identical. What that means i have no clue. I did play tut in free mode and i like the dice.

    I have also been told my turn for a big win is coming :eek:. 5 yrs and it is still on its way.

    Years past there would have been 4 pages long of comments to this thread by now. I am anxious to read what other people in the USA who knows what key is speaking of says good or bad. Maybe explain it in a way that us non tech peeps can understand. Until then all i can do is try to enjoy the perks of being a VIP, win a tournament and win from that win....Ahhhhh ignorance is bliss.

    Just saw my name on your comment key after my comment speaking to Anna. Had to edit it to add that. Very strange indeed to see that just as you are posting lol.
  8. Jul 12, 2017
  9. researcher

    researcher Newbie member


    Hello Kelly Jo,

    I am making this account now because you have made this thread and I was made aware of it.

    I am a researcher and i have been following 3dice casino for a very long time and i get and have had a lot of information about them over the years.

    I will be detailing the information i have gathered for all to read. First of all let me first say yes I am on your side about this trueodds company that have somehow sold the rights to this platform to 3dice casino so that 3dice could retire their old client. Questions that will be asked and answered are included in this very long post.

    So first point is Why did 3dice say they are in no way affiliated with reddice.be?
    Answer: Because they have to for legal reasons! this does in no way mean that 3dice is not affiliated with reddice.be and to be fair the research i have done points me to the conclusion that the people who own 3dice probably do infact also own reddice.be and your right reddice does need to own a land based casino in order to operate in belgian.

    This then brings me to the fact that i tested out reddice.be and you can not register from the USA, UK. But I tested you can register from Canada, Japan, Germany and probably others. Even though the laws in belgian strictly state that only belgians can play at reddice.be.

    More detailed researched information finds that reddice servers are located in France, Ireland and the UK. So then you question the fact that how is this possible? when the UK and other countries can not operate, isnt it against the law to operate casino servers in countries that have strict gambling laws in place? If for example you can not register from the UK then why on earth can they have servers located in the UK for their site?

    Ok so now lets talk about 3dice.

    3dice has servers located in 4 parts of the world, Canada and Curacao. They then have servers located in europe too but the main 2 servers are the Canada and Curacao ones.

    Further research also points out more info about this Enzo person. Who I did find out a name to which i will not publicize in this post or thread and please do not ask me to reveal that information because i am not here to do that style of post. I am here to merely point out some points and facts about 3dice and how it operates.

    So more points about 3dice are these.

    Why are they not getting a license from lets say Malta or alderney or UKGC for example?
    Answer: Well after research i can strongly say that i believe the reason to this question is simple it is down to money and or the fact their games because they are owned by a company that probably the 3dice owners own and have full rights too. That they would not be able to pass the rigorous tests that go along with trying to obtain such a license in other jurisdictions and the fact they cost far much more money than the current Curacao license costs.

    I can categorically say that the latter or both reasons above is true.

    The fact that they use a Curacao license is enough and has been enough for a lot of players not to trust casinos that operate in Curacao and that is evident here at CM and at other gambling forums. because pretty much 95% of casinos that oiperate in Curacao are deemed to be rogue in nature.

    I suspect also that who ever does own 3dice to which i do believe it is Enzo and he maybe has silent partners we do not know about. Also owns trueodds platform and also owns reddice.be, then that would also mean that they own a land based casino in belgian in order to comply and obtain that belgian license. Then another question is do the games get tested for fairness for them to have been able to obtain the belgian license, this I am not sure about. But if they was and they passed then maybe those versions was altered and edited so they was able to pass the fairness test. Afterall they do own the 3dice slots company that makes the 3dice and reddice games.

    I mean it is not rocket science to think and compare the 2 different casinos. And not ask yourself why are they pretty much identical with just some minor visual differences and name changes to the games and the fact the slots at reddice have dices instead of the letters - 9/10/j/q/k/a.

    So then my conclusion and closing statements.

    I have also read many threads over the years about 3dice casino some good, some bad, And I am not denying that they was a decent casino that did have fast withdraws and also many other strong points going for them but the fact they will never try and obtain a license in other jurisdictions just makes me question their trustworthiness and it seems in order for them to operate in countries they want to target they are doing so by doing under the table deals and shady dealings that does not warrant them to be trustworthy.

    One more point i forgot to mention is about their slots fairness. The fact that a casino owns or makes their own slots is always always alarm bells. That means usually 1 thing. They have the rights and power to be able to change them at any given time.

    Now I am not saying they are rigged or can be rigged, but as i said they made them. So they can be altered when ever they want. This is enough for me to say i do not trust the games fairness.

    And this is also probably why they do not even attempt to acquire a license in other jurisdictions as well, because they know their slots would not even get passed the first tests thrown at them. And also the money factor as well.

    So lets all be clear here. 3dice also lost its accredited status at CM a while ago, I do not remember the reasons why they did lose their accreditation but if anyone would like to detail why they did would be greatful.

    So my conclusion is Yes i strongly believe 3dice are operating in a shady way in many ways. They grandfather USA and UK players so they can still play at 3dice as well. (this again is illegal)

    Now i will also say this final final point i nearly forgot about. I heard that when this new platform rolled into 3dice a few months ago that all accounts that was banned at the old 3dice for various reasons was then allowed to play at 3dice again in the new system.

    I heard that Enzo "gave everyone a clean slate" And i can confirm that also that meant any accounts that was linked to fraud related reasons too was also allowed to play at 3dice again on the new platform. (so what does this say or mean about the trustworthiness) It means that they are shady, why on earth would any trustwrothy casino allow banned accounts who have committed fraud to be allowed back ever? they shouldnt ever ever ever.

    Ok so that was my final staement, I have not given full details but just general details to the research i have done about 3dice.

    Make of it what you will, But my conclusion is 3dice and its operations are shady and can not be trusted.
  10. Jul 12, 2017
  11. ReggieMac

    ReggieMac Experienced Member

    Senior Software Developer
    This is a very informative post, seems you have done your homework. Thank you for sharing this information. :thumbsup:
  12. Jul 12, 2017
  13. researcher

    researcher Newbie member

    You are welcome.

    Can i also add that I have now aquired an image that further shows that reddice.be are infact allowing players in other countries to play at reddice.be.

    Image below:

    3dice, reddice, and my personal opinion: 30bo0b9.jpg,Jul 12, 2017

    it is the message that says: ik woon in frankrijk nu xafke. Tranlated too - (I live in France now xafke)

    So maybe that means they used to live in belgian. But either way they should still not be allowing that user to play anymore if they moved to france. Cos it goes against the belgian laws.

    It seems they are breaking the belgian laws by even allowing them to play there!!!!!!
  14. Jul 12, 2017
  15. Redbush54

    Redbush54 Experienced Member PABaccred webmeister

    At the end of the rainbow

    I don’t understand what the beef is. The same software is used by numerous brands across the board. Once that brand launches most of the glitches are found once it goes live. So it said Reddice at the bottom…….who frickin cares?

    I guess you’ll also be posting about the numerous brands that are using the RTG software, the Microgaming software, etc, etc, etc because they surely must be screwing their players to make a buck and surely will be closing soon.

    I personally hope that you are banned for life from 3Dice. You are nothing but a bully and a “shit stirrer” when you are there and to even say "] _|_ you, Enzo. _|_ you and the smoke you've blown up our collective asses. _|_ you and your sensitive nature at being called out over that ridiculous excuse for a timer and the numerous other coding issues that plague the "new" platform. _|_ you for the Janky VIP changes. _|_ you!
  16. Jul 12, 2017
  17. DreamRJ

    DreamRJ Out of this world! MM webmeister

    RJVille UK
    I wasn't going to post in this thread, but I just wanted to say, I like playing at 3dice and I noticed this thread last night when CM was having some issues.

    But i do not want to get involved in this thread. I will just be a silent reader. But in light of the evidence that has been posted i am not going to take any sides in this matter. I am staying impartial.

    Hence also why i am not liking or thanking any posts in this thread.
  18. Jul 12, 2017
  19. Tengil

    Tengil Senior Member

    This part by itself shows that your so called research is worthless. You really couldn't think of the reason why they don't apply for the licenses you mentioned?
  20. Jul 12, 2017
  21. rena35

    rena35 Senior Member

    cyber space

    You are very smart RJ. Wish i would have not posted because i re read my post and just to be clear so no mis understandings. I don't know squat about tech talk at all. I am not back paddling because there is nothing to back paddle about. I had hoped my first post would make it clear enough that i have no idea what all of the things posted mean. I do stick to the fact that key had the courage to post what she believes is something wrong(why i thanked the post). As far as agree of disagree i can't because i don't understand what she is saying is wrong. The comment about Anna saying they are not affiliated i have to believe her. She has always been up front and honest with me even when i was depositing beyond my usual and she pmd me to make sure i was ok. I told her about my new job and assured her i was ok. The comment i made, i did not realize it could be taken to heart. Not something many casinos would do. As for me i won't be posting in this thread again. I am sure 3 dice will address this in due time. In the mean time i will go play what ever tournament i can until my nap time. I wish everyone good luck.
  22. Jul 12, 2017
  23. researcher

    researcher Newbie member

    You wanted some evidence.

    Ok here is some evidence on the money side of things.

    This is in regards to a UKGC license.

    "As such they have set up and tasked the UK Gambling Commission with overseeing the licensing and regulation of any site based in the UK
    and any site offering their services to UK players are required to obtain a gambling license from the commission if they wish to be a legally
    recognised gambling site within the UK, and that license will also let them advertise their offerings to customers based in Great Britain as a whole."

    There are many benefits of be had by sticking to gambling only at sites that have been fully licensed in the UK by the UK Gambling Commissioner,
    however there are several additional things you can do to ensure you will never have cause for concern when gambling at sites offering games of skill
    or chance and this is to make sure the sites you choose to gamble at have fair games tested by a third party games testing company.

    There are several companies who offer such a service including eCOGRA, iTech Labs, Gaming Associates, GLI Europe BV,
    GLI Test Labs Canada ULC, NMI Metrology & Gaming Ltd, BMM Compliance and SQS India Info systems PVT Ltd.

    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    Then below is links and snippets on fees for the Curacoa license:

    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    The Curaçao Online E-Gaming Business Package is available for an initial set up cost of only US $19,800 including everything outlined above
    as well as the first years Curacao eGaming License Fee and Annual Data Host Fee for database hosting on island (Compliance requirement in Curacao).

    So let me note that Curacoa license are the easiest to get hold off and cheapest as well. Because they are not regulated properly at all. Anyone could get one of those license. And i mean anyone.

    As far the point you made about evidence about slot fairness, well that is of course speculation. But i have heard and had information that says that there is a lot of coincidences when people win and lose in 3dice over the years. And in light of that those coincidences are in no way 1 time event, they happen very often indeed. The only way for the fairness to be fully accounted for is if we get detailed report by 3dice that they show that their games have been tested fairly by a reputable slot testing company listed above.

    At the moment there is no information in any of their terms or legal notices that state that their games have been tested in the new platform which is law they have to display such certificates so people can easily see them. On the old 3dice website there was infact a display of a very old certificate dated from 2012. but that was all they had. i am sorry but how can a certificate from 2012 still hold ground now in 2017?

    I hope this answers your post.
  24. Jul 12, 2017
  25. 3Dice

    3Dice I-Gaming Industry Representative

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently in Amsterdam at the AAC.. I'll respond later today. In the mean time all tin foil hats are on me.

  26. Jul 12, 2017
  27. weesie

    weesie Ueber Meister

    Old bag lady with a laptop
    Couldn't have said it better!
  28. Jul 12, 2017
  29. Tengil

    Tengil Senior Member

    Well it seems you just don't get it.

    From which country does the largest part of their players come? And how does for example UKGC view it if a casino allows players from that country?
  30. Jul 12, 2017
  31. blonde

    blonde Senior Member

    Writer/Freelancer, 7 years and going strong.
    London, Aussie...hell who knows
    This thread is of the WOW factor, to say the least! First off, if there are questions left unanswered then why play 3Dice for years? This never made any sense to me to be honest.
    How many casino groups or casinos use the same software? Does this mean they are rogue? No, they are not! There are several that are on the accredited list. How many online casinos cater to USA players? 3Dice isn’t the only one, those too are illegal, right?

    How is 3Dice rogue? Cashouts have always been paid, and faster than any other online casinos. (do your research) or is it that they are supposedly rogue because your rtp isn’t what you think it should be?

    To be honest, the accusations are being thrown around by disgruntled players that aren’t getting their way. There have been several former 3Dice players who have started threads as of this one in the past.

    One thing I think 3Dice should do with the new platform is get rid of the option for ‘guest’ players to visit the platform. Old players are showing their face to troll around, why? To gather more info, for whatever reason.

    We all get upset when we get on a losing streak, this is gambling! We all bitch and moan, but to go as far to throw such accusations as the above mentioned is really out there.
    I guess I missed Enzo’s promises that are now, according to some players lies? Just because there are no CPS, or rankings? Grow up! ;)
  32. Jul 13, 2017
  33. 3Dice

    3Dice I-Gaming Industry Representative

    Hi Kelly Jo,

    It has been brought to my attention that you are worried about 3Dice closing down. Let me put your mind at ease on that one - there are no such plans whatsoever. In fact, we've just gone through an immense amount of work upgrading our platform to prepare for at least another decade of signature 3Dice entertainment. (past that - no promises ;)). And while we are indeed no longer the exclusive casino for true/odds (ex angle gaming labs) games, I do believe 3Dice has always had more things going for it than just game exclusivity.

    So really, no reason for worries, paranoia, or going off on crazy tangents ;) .. 3Dice is here to stay.

  34. Jul 13, 2017
  35. LHofsdal

    LHofsdal Ueber Meister MM

    I read this thread last night and wanted to think about it for a bit before I posted anything.

    I have never kept it a secret that I have a love/hate relationship with 3dice. I love the employees, most of the players and hate the dreadful month after month losing streaks lol. It's gambling, we all know that losing streaks are going to happen, it's a given.

    I only stopped playing there because of the lack of deposit options. I won't use bitcoin, don't understand it really. Trust me when I say I have heard it all about this place, from quite a few players questioning fairness, how the same people are constantly winning huge and how "it is odd" that certain players will always hit big when down to their last few bucks. My reply is the always the same, "it's called gambling". My husband on the other hand has a totally different take on 3dice. But that is him.

    What I don't understand, if you are that unhappy with 3dice, why go back? Move on, it is really that simple. I can't blame Enzo for wanting to expand his business, most business owners do that. So he expanded his business without letting anyone know, is that a crime? No, it isn't.

    The bottom line is, if you think Enzo and the 3dice staff are doing shaddy stuff, DON'T GO BACK! If you have that much distrust in them stay away. Don't go back trying to "gather information" because once your thought process gets cloudy with "they are lying to everyone" you're not going to see anything else any way. You're always going to think they are lying to you even when they are aren't. It is a no win situation for you with that mind set.

    Did they lose accreditation..yes, but doesn't make them less trust worthy to me. I still trust them and if I could deposit there I would. In my honest opinion I think the OP needs to take a step back and cool off, and apologize. Those accusations are pretty strong and unless you know everything as fact and not fiction then stand your ground. But as of right now, it looks more like fiction to me.

  36. Jul 13, 2017
  37. Kelly Jo

    Kelly Jo Senior Member MM

    United States
    Always smoke. No substance.
  38. Jul 13, 2017
  39. Kelly Jo

    Kelly Jo Senior Member MM

    United States
    Simple questions


    Do you own and/or operate reddice.be?
    Do you own and/or operate Panache?
    Do you own and/or operate 3dice.com?
    Do you own and'or operate panache.be?

    If your answer is yes to any of these questions, can you say that you are unequivocally following Belgian Gaming laws?

    Why is the gaming license for 3dice not linked with the Curacao Validation site?
    Why did the link to the True Odds web site dissappear days after the transition?
    Why do you have a portion in the chat rules dedicated to the topic of shills?
    Why did you provide payment processing options to some players, and none to others in the last year and a half?

    I think that is a good start. Should be simple enough to answer, right?

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