Huge win on 3dice. BOB jackpot and paid right away


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Jul 6, 2010
I have been playing on 3dice a lot. Way more than I use to. I had a weird feeling earlier and felt sick to my stomach all day. The last time that happened I hit an 18000 jackpot on 3dice which is the biggest win of my life on a slot machine anywhere. I just matched that for the most part. The weird thing is the feeling I had. I didn't think I was going to hit the jackpot, but I did sense something. Tinfoil hat aside.. I hit it.. the day before a vacation. It just paid for my vacation. Soooo happy. Not trying to brag, I have paid my dues But its nice to know it does indeed happen. This is my third time hitting the Maxi on BOB...

$17,000 on $1.80 bet. I gave back about $1000 to the community and felt like everyone was genuinly happy for me. Nobody was mean etc.. feels great. cashed out $16,000 and was paid in about an hour. No hassles.. no wondering when it would come, no max limit.. etc..

I am actually sitting here for a week and half waiting for a 1700 payout from another site... this helps a ton. Thank you Anna and 3dice for the good service.


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