24ktGold casino

reading there terms,

The minimum withdrawal is $20.
Any balance of $10 or less is reversed into your play account; an existing balance of less than $20 (for a period of month) is subject to an automatic reversal.
We can send a maximum of $4000 per week. Any amount greater than $4000 is divided (no part can be larger than $4000) and sent on consecutive weeks until the total amount has been delivered.
First time withdrawals and changes to payment instructions are subject to clearance by our Security Department. This can take between 5-10 business days.

another 5 to 10days to get paid, i am going to ask if i use neteller does it take 5 days to get paid.

playtec casino which is bad from the start for me, but i will just for the fun of it drop a 100 and ask for the bonus, cause i am sure i will need all the help i can get. Still looking for the playthru, should make it in easy view
:eek: :eek: :eek: man you got me playiing at a golden palace casino, any i called them , there one of the nices customer service people i dealth with, game me my bonus, i am up 50 bucks right now. I am tired of playing right now.

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