Bonus Complaint 24hpoker - refuse to pay my bonus


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Dec 1, 2012
Hi guys ,

First off all i want to apologize for my poor english but il try to make myself clear ass possible.

So , i have made my first deposit to 24hpoker casino worth 100 euros and i should receive another 100 euros bonus with 35 x wager requeremnts.The problem wass the my bonus wassn't triggered instant and i have no ideea why so i thought to contact live chat and ask them why but unfortunally they wassnt online at that hour.

I didn't think it would be a problem if i start to play with my deposit and if i e-mail them and ask to credit my bonus.

Today i receive a response from their support were they ask me to re-deposit again and they would credit me the bonus i should get with my first deposit.WTF ? Serious , i think this is unfair and its a bad mannier to deal with customers.

Here is the e-mail :

Subject: Re: iGame Support Ticket [ ref:_00DD0oXLF._500D0IX6nB:ref ]

Dear Player,

Please try again. If the box is still not available, then
we can manually credit the bonus after you have made the deposit.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

My reply :

Dear Support ,

I don't have in plan to make any other deposit on 24hpoker till this problem is not solved.I haved tried to reach you're support right after i made my first deposit to play on yours casino and ask why the 100 euro instant bonus wass not credited but unfortunally it wass offline at that hour.As you can see it wass my first deposit and i played only casino games with it so i really dont see why you dont want to credit it manually now , instead of asking me to make another deposit.

Looking foward to hear from you,


And few minutes ago i receive a e-mail were they say to me that i didnt received the bonus because i made several deposits in past on their casino wich is not true because i have never played there.

Dear Player,

We have found the cause why you did not receive the casino bonus box anymore. It is because you have made previously several deposits to casino and unfortunately you are not anymore eligible for the casino bonus.



What can i do ? Should i forget about this bonus , and close my acount with them ? Some advices are welcome.




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Oct 14, 2004
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Yes, close the account and forget about the bonus.

Had you made another deposit, no doubt the later excuse would have emerged, and you would then be down TWO 100 Euro deposits without seeing the bonus.

The latter excuse is probably the right one. Their systems have you down as a former player, not a new one. Somehow, you have had an account there before, and have already had a welcome bonus, hence the system didn't automatically offer another.

If you are 100% sure this is impossible, then someone else may have used your details to open an account there, which you need to look into.

It is also possible that you have an account at another of their brands, and they operate an overall one welcome bonus per player policy, not one per brand.

A welcome bonus doesn't guarantee you will win. If you have a big hit early on, you will find you are better off not having had the bonus.


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Jan 2, 2013
Not much I can add to post above, except that the only other iGame casino brand would be

Either way, when something like this happens and support are not actively trying to resolve the issue or to keep you as a player, then it is time to move on. There appears to be quality casinos out there who will value you as a player and in this situation would have said something along the lines of "We appear to have an old account for you with previous deposits? As a gesture of goodwill however, we have issued a deposit bonus of XX to match your deposit. Happy gaming and thank you for choosing [insert reputable casino here]"

Last bit - Look at the accredited list on here. These casinos are forever being re-reviewed by the community here and would be a more reliable place to send your action.

Hope that helps,



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Dec 28, 2010

Hi there!

My opinion is that 24hPoker is a very solid and reputable poker/casino site that has been online since 2001.

I can agree with that they made a mistake when they asked you to re-deposit to get the bonus.

But they later told you that you had done several deposits in the past to this casino, and therefor did not qualify for a new welcome bonus. If this is correct, then it partially is your own fault.

You also have the opportunity to file a PAB if you still feel you have a case:


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Dec 1, 2012
Hi again guys , thanks for you're advices.Just want to say that the problem has been solved in the end and they had credit my bonus.