WTF is this load of crap


Dormant account
Oct 28, 2002
noticed you haven't played on your 49ers Casino account
1407219 since back in Feb 2003 even though it still has
$0.5 in it. Since your account has been inactive now for
90+ days, you will be charged a dormant account fee by ECash Direct
(the company that handles our financial processing).

Rather than letting your balance sit there unused and incur
these charges, it's much better to use your funds to play a few hands
of your favorite casino games or take a free shot at one of
our massive progressive jackpot games.

Even better, once you're back in the casino, you'll
begin earning points in the new and exciting Peak Rewards
Loyalty Program. Log into your Peak Rewards Account below:

This is a message I recived from 49er casino today, they think they can charge me some sort of fee for having 50 cents in their account??? What a load of crap that is. If they think they can do that they have another thing coming.
That is standard practice by cryptologic casinos and their processor ECash Direct. It is ridiculous, but is also listed in the terms & conditions when you sign up. I guess they think they are like a bank now and can charge you for not using your own money (like it really costs them anything to keep the account open). :mad:
HAHAHA, well good luck to them trying to collect! I forget what the fee is, $3 or $5 monthly I think after the 90+ day dormancy.
jpm is correct, but that doesn't make it any more palatable, does it?

I suspect they're using it to try and whip up a little more business from players who haven't been around at their casino for awhile, but there are definitely more player-sensitive ways of doing that than this approach!

I don't think I've ever encountered an industry where the suppliers try so hard to piss off the consumers!
And we keep coming back for more too! How dumb are we?
What happens if they have, credit/debit card, neteller etc. etc details, will they just charge to that account.
If you accpet the T&C, this is a real possibility.
Never bet odd numbers on BJ in case you get BJ, then you'll never have 0.50 in your account, or go on the slots at 0.25 or 0.50 and make sure account is zero, that's what i do.
Well, my neteller account is closed and my bank will not accept online transactions from casinos, so they would have a hard time debiting me for it. Its just really dumb. I haven't gambled online in months and I probably never will again just because of the character of these places.
They're just doing what is common practice for financial services companies - basically, if you don't use the money, they collect a fee from what's present in the account. They have to notify you if they are doing this so as not to be accused of "stealing" money from you. Even banks do this.

At no time, however, are they actually going to bill you for overages - or at least they had better not. Once they get the 50 cents out they'll just close the account - but it can't be closed while there's still money in it.
Sneaky little bastards aren't they. They try to use any trick in the book to try and get you to spend more money with them..

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