worth reading: "Is Self Exclusion an Illusion?"


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Aug 21, 2017
Actually SGA for Sweden is having same functionality. That's also quite better working than UKGC as PaynPlay concept is so used there and you can't "accidentally" fill bit incorrect details but are recognized by your BankID.

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Feb 15, 2019

This topic really goes musically and rhythmically:

Sing "Self exclusion, it's just an illusion" and you'll be in time and key with the track!

Ha, I play that on the school run. My daughter hates it, hence I play it. LOL


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Nov 29, 2018
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Self exclusion works if rogues don't exist. It works in the sense the licensed casino's are protected from problem gamblers but it opens the door to the shady side of the line who don't care who you are or where your from. Throw it in and its gone, chase it with more bonuses till thats gone, got nothing left and their reputation destroyed...build another brand and carry on.

Self exclusion on rogue sites doesn't work either you'll either get banned from 1 site only and texted/email spammed by another.

I think UKGC needs to work harder on keeping clear problem gamblers/SE'rs of rogues but Gamstop isn't the answer for that. Even a tool that allows an emergency unblock for a low stake bet or controlled time limit would be a better option dependant on whether you can prove your financially stable enough to do it. If you can't be legit people find other ways and I have personally found other ways which are they equivalent to throwing my money out the window or down a drain.


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Nov 29, 2017
As long as you have casino's with their doors wide-open in relation of signup(s) and deposit(s), this self exclusion is worth jack shit.

In the states and country's like canada they have a walk-in in relation to casino's, even if you where banned from those places, they dont ask you for any of your iD. You can play, you can win in the margins, but the moment a handpay comes in your denied from your winnings.

There are casino's who feed on this. They even advertise with it, or at least their affiliates do. If you have a problem with gambling, try to avoid the obvious. Not going into gambling forums, watching streamer video's and so on, but do something that really brings you diversion as it is a goal to diverse your mind off from gambling. Trust me you'll see a change in two weeks. Breaking habbits is tough; but not impossible.