Winner Casino closes, but a little late notice?


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Feb 3, 2004
North Carolina
Got an email today from Winner Casino:

Dear Member,

Thank you for playing at Casino.

As of June 19th 2006, Casino ceased all operation.

We wish you continued luck in your gaming endeavors.

For those of you with player points, account balances and any unused bonuses, we have arranged for another online casino - for you to enjoy your remainning funds.

You may login and play at CasinoForAces instantly, using your Winner Casinos account login information.

Please note, should you already have a Real Money Account at CasinoForAces other than the one transferred from Winner Casino, please specify to which account you are referring to, when contacting the CasinoForAces service center.

For Further information, please contact

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Best of luck,

Winner Casino Team

Casino closes on June 19th, but the email doesn't go out until July 12th? :what:

I don't know if some people are still waiting to get paid from Winner's past fiasco ... if so, this may not be good.
Judging by their past behaviour (BS bonus disqualifications, bad software, jerking players around and trying to do one on one settlement deals for less than they were obligated etc) this is typical of these dweebs.

What's the bet they surface with a new brand soon (of course not disclosing who they are or trying to pay their old players)

These are the sort of operators who really get me angry.

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