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I had to open this topic,because I found out that is a casino that you should not deal with.I recently open a account there during a special no deposit promotion of 75$ ,wager 20x and tried to withdraw with Moneybookers 150$ the max cashout that you can withdraw from this bonus. After I waited almoust one week,that my withdraw to be proceeded (they proceed their withdraw only Wednesday) , guess what ? they suspended my account without any reason!!!

They don't ask me any kind of documents,or prove of my existance,they didn't ask my phone number or call me,none. They just suspend my account and accuse me of multiples accounts wich is swear that is not so..I had only my account ,and I don't use to create multiples account because I knew that 20x or 30x wager is very hard to achieve and almoust imposible,but this was my first time when I manage to wager such a big bonus and such many times,but I found out that even if they fix a lot of requirements ,they are not paying at all ,since you work hard to wager so much.

After that I contact their representative from Hillary Stovall,wich of course doesn’t want to help me and told me that she can’t help me,then I spoke with “blueday” the moderator of the topic with exclusive promotion of 75$ no deposit bonus from and he told me the same thing.

I really don’t care about that money, but I would like to warn you regarding this scumbag casino,and the fact that you may lost your work and money just because they will accuse you to have multiples accounts ,without asking any proves from you ,like documents as national ID,billings or any prove of your existance,so be carrefull because you may lose your money and you winnings depositing there.
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You have posted this on every casino forum possible, I know cuz I read them :D

The rep told you in the other forum, that you had multiple accounts and were not going to be able to get your winnings. Im not sure if there is a different rep available her for that casino, but they are likely to tell you the same. Ive learned the hard way to always read the T & Cs very carefully, and it is common sense I believe to not make a million accounts!



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These "bonus whoring" sites are a pain in the a**e for casinos, since they attract mostly advantage players & fraudsters. Sometimes INVALID offers are posted, often codes intended "for the recipient only" are shared, and players who are not supposed to have the codes use them.

Making numerous accounts to play a free chip is one of the common frauds, and works (so the fraudster thinks) because only the account they WIN on gets verified. I'll bet that LOSING free chip playing only accounts get checked out, and THEN compared to any WINNING accounts that try to withdraw from a free chip.

IF the forum moderators have said that this is an issue of multiple accounts, then they HAVE "helped", but reached the same conclusion as the casino.

The next step is to complain to their regulators, or see if a PAB here is possible, although the PAB process requires that you do NOT discuss the issue on the forum FIRST. Max has rejected PABs in the past due to the complainant posting here first, and the thread title chosen is rather "aggressive", and unlikely to help the cause.


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I agree to an extent Vinyl about the bonus whore sites......but they dont exist without the bonus whores.

Its the players responsibility to do the right thing and it seems that the OP did not. Interesting how his only posts here at CM have been whinging about not being paid from free chips :rolleyes: are scumbags?? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

It is bonus whores and fraudsters that are to blame for the ridiculous ID requirements and bonus terms that we ALL have to endure with ever-increasing frequency.

Thanks a lot.


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I have been paid by winaday several times. If you are a legit player they will pay you. I have had three cashouts all over 1000.00. I don't think they would be worried about 150.00 if you had followed the rules.



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read all story here:
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I've made some print screen with e-mails sent and received from them.

Here is my e-mail sent to

Here is Cathy Davidson answer:

Click on image to view full screen!

I don't care about that 183$ even if I work for and wait 6 days for a cashout,but the thought that you may deposit at this kind of casino and remain not just without your money but also suspend your account without any reason,just invoke some fake actions without proves make me to post here my story. I want quality,rather than quantities .As a last word I would have to say good luck with casino,but my advice is to avoid them!


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You opened multiple accounts to claim multiple ND bonuses and got caught.

Simple as that.

Instead of attacking the casino, try taking a long hard look at yourself.