William Hill Closed My Account


Dormant account
Jan 12, 2005
The situation is like following:

1. Jan 4, I got an email from them that a "40 for 40" offer is available to me.

2. Jan 4, I called in and a CSR said I had 8 cents in my account at that time (while when I login my account, I saw 0 cents) and to get that 40 bonus my account balance has to be 0. I told her that they could just remove that 8 cents from my account. She said she would ask Accouting Dept fix that and send me an email once it's done.

3. Jan 7, I haven't received any email. Called in again. A guy told me "don't worry, go ahead deposit 40". So I did and bought 40 chips. But no bonus credited to my account. At that time, I didn't see my account had any balance before my deposit.

4. Jan 9, I played a total wager of 53 wager and still no bonus.

5. Jan 10, when I tried to login only found that my account was locked for "security reasons". I called them to unlock the account. And found they changed my password. When I asked them why no bonus yet. They said at the time when I deposit I had 92 cents in my account, thus not qualified for that 40 bonus! What a crap! I argued with them and requested my deposit of 40 dollars be refunded. The CSRs were just bullshitting with me with no results.

6. Jan 11, found my account was closed. called them ask why, only informed that "the customer service department decided that you are a bonus abuser".
I told them take my 40 dollars and shove up their tight asses.

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