WildJack Casino, my first withdrawal!!!!


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Oct 11, 2005
I was checking out casinos in the reputable casino
section today, I wanted to try a new one because
I have been on a long loosing streak so downloaded
WildJack and made a small deposit and won over
a thousand!! Super customer service. I was
so excited, never won anything before, they even
cautioned me not to expect to win like that
everytime which I thought was nice of them
to warn me, most casinos wouldn't. Anyway,
not a jackpot but I am very happy, sure you
all already know about this great casino but
was new to me.


Did I post in wrong place???
Good going Hypergirl!

Now take that money and buy something tangible (Christmas is coming up). Many players make the mistake of playing their winnings back. Go check out Amazon.com or something!


What wonderful news to start the Holiday season. Yep, take the money and do some good with it, either for yourself or others. That is what I do and it feels soooooooooooooo good. I am so happy for you. Then you have something to show for your money and efforts.
Have a great Holiday season. we are getting our first real snow here today, and although I am not crazy about it, it is pretty.:lolup:
Yeah, congrats! As everyone said, just take your money, and enjoy it. :D You've played at a very reputable online casino, from a reputable group. So no problems with withdrawals. It doesn't surprise me that the customer support was great with you. ;)

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