Question Why do some casinos take away the Quick Spin option on Netent games?


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Does quick spin make you win more or something? Also on one casino (forget which one) I've played at I asked this very question and got a very unhelpful answer of "We cannot give you that information" Also some casinos disable other setting such as graphic settings for people with crap computers


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I only know of Trada casino that doesn't have quickspin. But that is for all games and not just Netent.

It's a license thing. Some want to protect you from spinning too fast since if you do that you'll lose more money.
They don't realise that you could lose more by raising your betsize just because you get bored :)

It's the same as uk want to have control over if and how you use Autoplay, so some providers removed it totally.

Graphic settings have been removed when the games changed to html5. At least I haven't seen that kind of option on the games after the changes.
Could be that some removing it but I doubt that since they do want you to be able to play and lose your money to them, even with a crap computer.


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Oh I see,yeah Trada do that but they are by far the best and luckiest casino I've ever used. It's like they 'give' money away sometimes lol, sometimes feel sorry for winning (slightly)


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Some jurisdictions like Alderney don't allow for the time between two spins to be less than 3 seconds. For this reason, the games offered via that jurisdiction (and there are more with this limitation) have the quick spin functionality disabled.