Spins to get 9 bonuses on 9 different games, then run them all one by one


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Sep 13, 2021
Hello guys, I did one fun thing with just 210 Euros across multiple games from three my fav providers (NetEnt, Relax, NoLimit)
So, I did run games on low bets 0.4 to 0.6 on games: DOA2, Jumanji, Fruitshop Megaways, MT2, Hellcatraz, Top Dawgs, San Quentin, Mental, Evil Goblins.
I set up autospins until I've got bonus, leave the game, went to other one until I get bonus, leave the game, went to another one until bonus...and so on.
So fun fact is, I was super lucky, because in all 9 bonuses I fit into 197.60 spending out of my balance.
After collecting all 9 bonuses, I went back to the games one by one and just run the game, and run the bonus.
My finding is:
EntEnt games were all different in paybacks. DOA2 - s&*%t 2,40 Euros, Jumanji - good 76 Euros, Fruitshop Megaways - I did play until one retriger - total s$%*t 1,50 Euros.

Relax were also different in bonuses MT2 - 46 Euros, Hellcatraz - total s$%*t 4,70EUros, Top Dawgs - good 106Euros

NoLimit - were all the same, or very very close across bonuses (they even came at the same close numbers of spins in all three games) in bonuses it was very close to the same amount of wins San Quentin - s$%*t 6.40 Euros, Mental - s$%*t 7.10 Euros, Evil Goblins - s$%*t 7.30 Euros

At the end I end up with profit, maybe I will run something similar to different game providers.
The finding I want to get and share is, how the insights of the games works across the math, spins, how the providers set their games to the players. How "random" spins are actually random, how number of spins to get bonuses matching providers statements and if the games are all connected or not really. :)

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