Why did they request a utility bill from me?


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Dec 3, 2006
Hey, I'm still pretty new to online gambling and to this website, but I have a quick question. I made my first withdrawal from Crazy Vegas casino. In their confirmation e-mail, they requested I fax or e-mail:
1) A copy of your most recent utility bill.

2) A copy of the front and backsides of the credit card(s) used for
the deposit(s).

3) The details section(s) of an identification document(s) or valid

I did not send any of this info and the withdrawal went through no problem. Has anyone else run into this request? Will I eventually need to give this info to keep receiving my money when I withdraw? I'm just a little concerned and any tips or advice would be helpful. Thanks!
Welcome to CM Angel,

This is generally standard practice - not in all cases, but certainly most casinos employ some sort of ID check at sign of a withdrawal. This is down to a number of reasons but is ultimately down to security. In many cases, the licences granted to casinos to operate insist that that place checks in place to prevent criminal activities like money laundering. Additionally, a number of "players" act fraudulently, perhaps using stolen credit cards or signing up multiple accounts to claim more than one bonus, so the checks are employed to keep a tab and hopefully prevent that type of thing occurring.

Some casinos are more tolerant than others, but it's a case of trial and error. In general though, if you stick to legitimate casinos (see the Accredited List on this site), you're details will be in safe hands. Just be careful to ensure that you are playing at a reputable establishment and try not to be taken in by offers that look "too good to be true", normally a sign that it is or that the casino is perhaps not one that others would recommend playing!

It always pays to do some research on this site into a casino before playing.


Thanks for the advice. The casino is on the accredited list, so I guess it's all good. Just wanted to make sure because it seemed odd.

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