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Question Why are there so many Bingo Rooms from UK

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by liberec, Mar 20, 2018.

    Mar 20, 2018
  1. liberec

    liberec Ignored posting rules for posting complaints


    i have just a little question.
    Why are there so many Online Bingo Sites from UK (mostly UK some from Sweden).

    Is it very popular in the UK or why ?
  2. Mar 20, 2018
  3. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    House-Husband and Casino Advisor
    Bexhill on sea, England
    Bingo is a very traditional pass-time in the UK for (am I allowed to say this?) the older generation - particularly women.
    Most arcades used to have a live bingo going on all day in the dim & distant past.

    Tried it online a few times - but it doesn't really "float my boat". However I can understand why many people love it and can get addicted...

    liberec and Jono777 like this.
  4. Mar 20, 2018
  5. Jono777

    Jono777 Meister Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Self- Employeed
    Shall I admit this on here....:oops:

    Its where it all started for me, wager free first deposit matches across umpteen sites, virtually free money :D

    Then I discovered the slots .......
    zellie and liberec like this.
  6. Mar 20, 2018
  7. Glassheart

    Glassheart Experienced Member MM

    You should see them in the land based rooms.

    I used to go to Mecca bingo with some friends for a laugh every so often and the noises people make when someone else wins is unreal. Zimmerframes flying everywhere :laugh:

    I sometimes play bingo but only if I'm doing the slots for the £1,000,000 slots giveaway they do on VF sites. Can get some good cash prizes from them.
    goatwack, KasinoKing and slotter999 like this.
  8. Mar 20, 2018
  9. adamtheaddict

    adamtheaddict Meister Member

    I once was asked to leave my bar staff position and call bingo for roughly 150 customers.
    Those eyes i was getting for continuously not adding the number "nicknames" still haunt me 15yrs on.
    Jono777 likes this.
  10. Mar 21, 2018
  11. liberec

    liberec Ignored posting rules for posting complaints

    In germany its just a small thing. Ok there is a Television Bingo Show and you can play it in the Lottery thats it.
    I was just wondering when i found out that there are 100+ Bingo Sites Online :eek::rolleyes::laugh:
  12. Mar 21, 2018
  13. dionysus

    dionysus can turn wine into water CAG MM

    I'm a Canucklehead
    theres only 13K people here on the island and probably a half dozen bingo halls - my mother loves visiting lol
  14. Mar 21, 2018
  15. funnymunny

    funnymunny Sometimes here, always 'away' webby

    Isle of Man, Macau or Vegas
    Another thing to note here is in relation to Regulations & perhaps more specifically, advertising...

    Currently bingo is considered a recreational activity (not gambling), so the controls on advertising are a lot more relaxed. (E.g. You can only advertise gambling (casino's) on TV after 9pm. This doesn't apply to bingo). As such, you see many adverts for bingo, but this is frequently more about brand awareness & securing registrations. Sites can then specifically target (via emails etc) additional promotions on their other sites and products. (The reality is, they're going to make a lot more from players on .40 spins on slots than they are on .01 bingo cards).
  16. Mar 21, 2018
  17. Lincolnuk

    Lincolnuk Senior Member MM

    Company owner
    The days of the bingo dress hmmm...

    Eyes down look in..............here we go your first number!!
  18. Mar 21, 2018
  19. goatwack

    goatwack Brings Ruckus To The Ladies CAG

    I like to put on a bit of slap, dig out that little dress and hit the town with the girls for a spot of Bingo. "Two Fat Ladies!"

    Perfectly normal pastime. Actually, tell a lie, the part about going out was fabricated. Nothing beats a spot of online Bingo wagering with an empty lobby, no players and placing £10's worth of bets to win the available £6, for example. The rush is unreal, as my numbers come in like clockwork. BINGO!!

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