who plays crash on bitstarz?


Aug 16, 2021
as much as the game crash infuriates me, I can't help but keep playing it. it's a great way to win money fast but it's also a great way to lose it quick. I have a few issues with how that game is set up and I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences playing it.
first off, use a screen recorder that records your screen touches when you play. I can't count the number of times I've cashed out before the rocket explodes and they took my money. I've recently started recording my game play, and with video evidence there's no way for them to do anything but reverse the games outcome for that bet. I think they hate it. they e recently began ignoring my messages to customer service debating if I won or lost. that also infuriates me.
when I place a bet of reasonable size and the dang rocket blows up at 0 right out of the gate, smoke shoots from my ears. my argument is that that's not gambling, that's stealing from me. when you gamble, there's a chance for a win. that robs you of that chance. the second I don't place a bet you can guarantee that things gonna go up to 200x's. the game has to be rigged somehow. no way it's random and honest. anybody else love to hate that game?
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I am with you it does not feel like you are gambling at Bitstarz where you might have a chance to win big it feels like the games are robbing you no matter what game you play there seems to be a lot of manipulation going on.
Bitstarz is an award winning casino at Casinomeister

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