Stake has destroyed my life, nothing random about Stake software.


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Nov 11, 2022
This is my record on hilo over the last week I've got several thousand more screenshots that are as bad or worse than this I've got a 2% win rate in over 5,000 games of Hi-Lo I've got images showing them manipulating and changing my overall wager amount for example I can attach them on November 4th I had wagered 84,000 since September 30th of last year and then on November 13th I check and I had waited 63,000 it's it's just insane how rig this casino is and I don't know how much more proof the f****** casino watchdogs need than this I mean seriously it it's beyond disgusting what steak is continuing to do to people through trustpilot I need help and I need help now I am at my wit's end with this company is absolutely atrocious and the screenshots will prove there is nothing random about the software stake is running please help these people need to be in jail they need to be shut down for a very long time permanently and they need to be in jail this is disgusting they're destroying lives they're getting kids addicted to gambling and they're not even giving anybody a fair chance


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Stake Casino is Not Recommended at Casinomeister
Normal casino players switch games or take breaks if a slot or a game isn’t in the mood :) ? Recommend you to do the same, or actually just quit for good if these losses aren’t enough to make you rethink your approach to online gambling.
WARNING! Contains vile trolling content.

FTR people, this person was asked by PM if he was indeed the same person who started the 'steak' thread.

Here is his delightful response:

Max d your a lowlife coward hideout peice of shit u claim to help the gambler. Anyone who looks at those screenshots and does nothing is not there to help. Your there to destroy lives,write bogus reviews and sucks thebcock. Of people to bitch made to steal from someone's face they gotta hide behind a computer as well as line your pockets goof. Prices of shit like u wind up erased max. U know what that means ROFL. Wait for holes goofy mother fucker and ur mom's gonna be sucking my monster cock before I bleed her out ear to ear from bringing a useless cump dumpster like ur goof ass's into existence. Sound good max? .

Yep, an example of the ass-clowns we get on here. :eek:
Well that's the 'Worst Poster of 2022 Award' settled and decided for @Casinomeister

I'm not sure why he picked on @maxd alone as most of the mods were tagged into the message exchange together.
gosh, im so behind on 'net speak'
a cump dumpster?
'googles 'cump'
I think he added a 'p' on 'cum' by mistake. Oh for the days the trolls could spell....but he has apparently got a 'monster cock' looking on the bright side for him.
I think he added a 'p' on 'cum' by mistake. Oh for the days the trolls could spell....
lmao, oh, im familiar with the 'cum dumpster' insult :D
wish i hadnt googled 'cump' :eek2:
Your there to destroy lives,write bogus reviews and sucks thebcock.
Not gonna lie, I was just handling "the bcock" the other day.

♥️ Thanks, it's good to be loved, and I didn't even have to offer steak to get it. :D
I know the feeling mate :(
You get similar problems? To be completely honest, I feel at a loss with what to do.

Problem with mental health is often the individual does not have the mindset to help themselves, and it can be a neverending circle of agro.

Without diving too deep and airing my dirty laundry in public, the doctors tried every medication under the sun but never pushed her into therapy. It's a very sad situation, and I feel for anyone dealing with problematic thoughts and also the people it affects around them.
Yes, it's rather sad that this person began raging against us. He had opened up a PAB requesting that we investigate the game play - which we told him and detailed the reasons why this is beyond the scope of a PAB. He was told he could post his evidence in the forum and our amazing membership could possibly take a look at it. Well he got bent out of shape - decided to post at Trustpilot a rave review (NOT), even though we were still offering to be of service.

And then he starts off here again. And what about Stake Casino? I don't know them, sure they have a review here - but it's not a woo woo what an amazing casino review. If there was solid evidence about cheating, it would be included in the review along with this guy's screenshots. So I have not a clue why he has gone on attack mode against poor ol' Max. I would have offered to spend a few minutes looking at the screenshots trying to decipher them, but after that message to Max - nope, ain't going to do that.
Stake Casino is Not Recommended at Casinomeister

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