Stake has destroyed my life, nothing random about Stake software.


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Jan 20, 2004
I think he went from "friend of Casinomeister" to "shit on Casinomeister" when I kept telling him we were in no position to verify RTP and suchlike. He kept saying "but anyone can see they are cheating" etc etc but -- as Bryan mentioned -- no real evidence was presented to the forums for consideration and instead he chose "arsehole" as his persona de jour.
Stake Casino is Not Recommended at Casinomeister


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Aug 16, 2009
Sort of sounds like a gambling addict who lost too much money into an online casino really. I mean I get it, it sucks when we loose, yet you can't expect to win all of the time.


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Nov 9, 2022
In fairness Max this is one of the best replies forums ever seen , absolute gold !

WARNING! Contains vile trolling content.

FTR people, this person was asked by PM if he was indeed the same person who started the 'steak' thread.

Here is his delightful response:

Max d your a lowlife coward hideout peice of shit u claim to help the gambler. Anyone who looks at those screenshots and does nothing is not there to help. Your there to destroy lives,write bogus reviews and sucks thebcock. Of people to bitch made to steal from someone's face they gotta hide behind a computer as well as line your pockets goof. Prices of shit like u wind up erased max. U know what that means ROFL. Wait for holes goofy mother fucker and ur mom's gonna be sucking my monster cock before I bleed her out ear to ear from bringing a useless cump dumpster like ur goof ass's into existence. Sound good max? .

Yep, an example of the ass-clowns we get on here. :eek:
Stake Casino is Not Recommended at Casinomeister

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