What's the word on Cabaret Club Casino?


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Aug 18, 2002
I recently played at Cabaret Club Casino and felt it wasn't half bad! I was feeling experimental, as I generally play carribean stud or blackjack and decided to try my hand in cashsplash progressive slots. Well it seemed pretty fair, win, lose, win , lose and then...
I saw the three cashsplash images aligning at the center! Suddenly, the screen jumped and those lovely images were gone and landed on bar, bar , cherry. Man that really sucked (I hope I can say that word.) I felt at this point they were cheating and YES, I really have no proof and I KNOW there's nothing I can do, but I was just wondering if there's any word on these guys. As soon as I saw this I immediatley withdrew my deposit.... I didn't like the whole screen jump thing. Please note I am not really trying to bad mouth them, but I saw what I saw. Any feedback on experiences here would be appreciated!

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