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Oct 5, 2005
in the winner screenshot thread, i had posted a pic where i had won second place in a freeroll at

a little background before i go off here....

a local radio station was having a "play poker with triv" freeroll...

qualifiers every tues/thurs/ final on nov29th.

well, by virtue of my 2nd place finish, i won a $150 gift certificate and a chance to play in the finals. finals winner was a suite at the cavs game with food etc...value approx. $1100..unless the radio guy wins, then betholdem will donate $1100 to coats for kids.

day before the final i call the station and challenge all other players to donate the prize back.

im not even working right now, but kids need coats more than i need to go to a basketball game.

well, the finals start, im seated at a table, and my cards are face down. comes to be my turn and i fold automatically...not me folding, but all by themselves. next hand, same thing...over and over.

i disconnect , thinking that maybe there is a fart in the system..log back in...same thing, again , and again, and again.

i go so far as to re-boot the puter, disable all software firewalls, anti-virus...still no go.

the thing is, when you look at the talking to other players in the chat box, so, i am not disconnected as betholdem insists i was...

my concern is, i witnessed the EXACT SAME thing happen to other players during one of the semi-final rounds, and betholdem insists there is no flaw in their software.

bullshit. something is wrong, but they will not admit it.

if anyone wants to hear more details, read the email back and forth between me and them, or see the screenshots...(except for whoever whined about the size of my prior screenshots) lemme know, cuz im really pissed about it, and they just don't give a shit.

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