WARNING - Craps Casino cheats you


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Aug 16, 2007

again an issue about this group of casinos: Euro Partners (Vegas Red, Bellini, Craps, Del Rio, Cameo, Tropez, a.s.o.)

Now craps sends out emails with a 100% bonus saying (in the mail) that bonus has a wagering requirement of 15 times bonus+deposit.

This is not true !! It is 25 times.

When you claim you have that mail, the chat just says it must be an old one and they just cannot change anything: YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT!!!

This is NOT the first time, this group does those roguish things:

- send bonus mails with dates from over a month ago, so the offer is unvalid (but it says "deposit today") - MANY times in the last year (how can a mail take 40 days to arrive ?)

- the chat in MANY casinos of this group LIES about the wagering req. of a bonus, when you ask BEFORE you deposit. After, YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT ( I have made copies of many chats and mails...)

- now, send emails with FALSE wagering requirements on it

Where is this group going ??

7 months ago, when I asked about such issues, I get the answer: tech. issues. But is lying a tech issue ??

Think yourself


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Mar 19, 2008
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I can't say that I'm surprised.
I get these outdated e-mails constantly, and yes they'll do anything to not give you what they say they will.
My latest, and last example was from Vegas Red, where you'd get a 40% bonus on your deposit + $25 for every 100 comp points earned on slots between thursday and saturday. The $25 per 100 comps should be automatically added to your account the following sunday.
After Depositting and playing, making over 400 comps, sunday comes, but no bonus, so I call cs, and all they have to say is, that "you didn't make your deposit within the promotion period". Now my account history says it all, (That I did indeed deposit and play within the specified period) but they come up with a different date for my deposit....where the hell they get that date from is beyond me.
I'm done with this group, and I told my so called vip account manger this, and asked him to close all my accounts with the group, and take me off all their mailing lists, and since then I've been flooded with 200% bonus offers from all of these casinos every single day...thanks, but no thanks !


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Jan 4, 2008
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Look at it this way, no half decent company with a marketing team who have an education would EVER send out an email saying 'Deposit Today'. You never ever ever ever ever say 'Today' or 'yesterday' on outbound marketing, simply because this kind of thing happens, people can attempt to claim things well after the promotion has ended.

In other words, if they can't afford a decent marketing team, they are probably a pretty naff Company! Avoid :)


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Jan 18, 2006
Best thing over there is also after signing up to one of their casinos, there usually comes up a popup giving you like 50 credits extra to the signup bonus if you deposit in the next 10 minutes "just contact customer support".

Customer support never knows about this though, and even if you made a screenshot, the extra bonus then takes days to get credited after you sent an email, so the most players are done with the bonus by then anyway.


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Aug 16, 2007
Good to see that I'm not the only one with that experience.

They become worse every week I think. I dont trust them ANYMORE!

They just do what ever they want. AND for me, these things are more than coincidence. I guess they just want to have many 200% (and such things) offers out there, without actually having to give them. (Well, sorry, outdated...)

Just stupid


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Jul 20, 2008
Well, I just had a big cashout there at Craps, and a few weeks earlier at Bellini! Received my payment by check and today got it on my Bank account. So their withdrawals seem to be fair enough! :)

I think everyone who has wanted to make a withdrawal here, did not had any problems, or am I wrong saying that? :)

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