Wanted to say hello


Dormant account
Hi, I am new here. I am purely a player. I no longer work as I am permanently disabled and Microsoft burnt me out on the software side of computers so now I normally use my computer to play games and ever once and awhile to shop. oh yeah and peruse a forum or 2 ;) I have given online casinos for about 2 years now my spare and sometimes not so spare money and have yet to cash out that is until the other day. My choice of places to play may not have been the most informed and definitely not the fastest as the place only allows 1 withdrawal at a time and a max of 1250 per withdrawal if they were to send me a check every 10 days it will take 8 months to receive the amount I initially tried to cash out and had to cancel and re request the 1250 that the lady from the casino that called me told me I would have to do. I finally got all my documents up loaded and they have been approved and Monday they should hopefully approve the first withdrawal of the 24 I have to make to receive the balance in my account. the balance in my account was accumulated after I made a deposit with my MasterCard. I actually like playing and tend to be one of those that most places would say is a bonus abuser but I also am a player that if playing a no deposit bonus even after making play through would not try and cash out. The one time I did was at Tropicana gold casino off a bonus that I never asked for but was in my account after creating it even after all my documents were approved I never received a penny of the 100 max cash out! which is fine because it would have been salt in the wound anyway as my balance when I went to cash out was close to 20 thousand. anyway I digress thanks for having me as a member and you all take care of yourself.