want to say Hi.


Dormant account
Aug 10, 2007
Cambridge MN.
Hi, New here and from MN. hope to be able to pick up on all this. I'm pretty new to all this but decided its more fun then driving all the way up to a casino . I refinish antiques for extra income from my home. and am newly divorced. Lots of living to make up for. thanks all.


Is That Better?
Mar 6, 2007
somewhere on the planet
Welcome aboard, Skrypek3:) Excuse me one minute, please...........

Hey, Bingo T, who ya callin' an antique here, I resemble that remark:rolleyes:

Sorry, Skrypek3, had to vent:D You will love it here, and will find lots of friendly folks. My daughter refinishes antiques, too. Does beautiful work, it takes soooo much patience, I sure couldn't do it, I'm more of a spray can of paint type of refinisher myself. Glad you have the right attitude about life, I am impressed:thumbsup:


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