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Oct 22, 2003
anyone had any success wwith viral marketing ?

Its very difficult to do successfully but I'd had 'limited' luck in gaining sports book related email addresses. anyone else done anything worth writing about ?
hey buddy....
have to say, viral marketing is really too much effort for very little results, and when you finally get it tuned then the rulz change!

currenly i am focussing my attention on blogging a little, PR'ing a lot and spending the little bit of money I have on paid links in the "alternative" search engines. they are still cheap, so i am getting in where and when i can!

maybe we should all have a brainstorming session and com up with the new and improved, OR just NEW way of marketing... they cut us deap man!!
I agree I think its all about getting targetted traffic .

viral marketing wont help much . but not useless though


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Hey ya'll took the words out of my mouth

I've only experienced viral marketing in MLM type industry and it has worked really well for me. I just don't know how it works in the gambling industry. Can someone email me and we can talk further into how to market online when you own a gambling related site.

My email is

Or I can also check back to this forum.

Thank you for future replies!


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