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That is just soooooooooooooooooo lame!
Incredible casino? Yeah right!
Fascinated with this (casino)? Yeah sure!

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Last edited by casinomeister : Today at 02:29 AM. Reason: spammer drug out into the street and shot

lol Do they DO this in Uruguay? :lolup:


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** This bugs the hell out of me! Often enough the casino gets the blame for prits behaving like this! I don't have issues with VIP. THeir new face (we hope) will pay off. There is no telling however what their aff members is going to do next, so what can one say huh?! No no, don't drag them into the street to be shot... that is painless and quick.. no no.MAKE them stand in a public place with every piece of spam they have even send and then ... let them read it, all of it, one at a time.... when he is done, THEN shoot him (if someone does not do it on your behalve!) **