Villento - Missing new games!


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
You should also ask about the constant LIES.

First, suport don't know.
Next, it's a "technical issue"
Then it's "MG are not allowing US players to play the new games"
Then it's "sorry, they ARE, but not yet - technical issues"
Now (so far) it's "yes, it DOES turn out that no new games are available for US players"

Next week? "God only knows:confused:

Surely if MGS made such a MAJOR decision, they would inform operators in advance, so that they could plan accordingly to field questions.

Of course, this ONLY affects US players, who don't matter:rolleyes:

Only the ban on progressives is logical, since paying large sums to a US player would be a logistical nightmare, and a possible PR disaster if they were unable to make payment.

A ban on multi-player games has no real logic, it's the same game as the lobby version, but with "chat".

A ban on ONLY the new games also has no logic, as they are no more illegal than the old ones, and the logistics of paying US based winners are the same, whether they won from the old games, or the new ones.

I said in the other thread, it seems to be a policy of "easing out" the active US players who have these "Grandfather rights" to continue. Once they have fallen below a certain level, the pain to operators of a full pull-out will be much less, and MGS may do this. MGS may also fear that they will be FORCED into doing this, something they feared in the Kentucky case, where they risked losing their main domain. MGS had to agree to specifically block Kentucky players in return for keeping their domain from being seized. If the Kentucky governor eventually wins, MGS will be forced to finally pull out of the US altogether, since any judgement in favour of Kentucky would allow them to confiscate the domains of "offenders".

The suspicions of alabama5150, and the evidence from forum sentiment, shows that these "random" draw promotions are NOT as random as they are supposed to be. If they were, then there would be PLENTY of winners from the US if the criteria was simply depositing and playing for an entry. For there to be a bias towards US players saying "didn't win" indicates a bias against selection of US players in what is advertised as a random promotion. If this is the case, yet is advertised to ALL players as being random, and available to them, what ELSE is supposed to be random, but isn't.


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Oct 8, 2006
Hi Alabama, I am also a US player, I've been playing at Villento for about three years now. I get the same general bonus (30%), but additionaly I do get the weekly 40 free spins. They usually appear on Tuesday, and are only good for 24hrs. However, I have noticed if I don't deposit during the week, these don't show up. If I go for a long period of time w/o playing, they show up randomly (maybe every couple of months or so). I have never won any other promos (guess the symbol, etc), that I have entered over the three years playing there.

I have no idea why I would be offered these, and not other US players....maybe just a fluke, or somebody forgot to exclude my acct prior to the start of all the US gaming issues?? I don't doubt your suspicions - they are probably correct.

Oh, one more thought on the free spins - it seems to me they always give you free spin offers on the game that is paying out the least. I hardly ever win anything more than $3.00 on 40 spins. Not much you can do w/that.