Videoslots - 13 days and money still missing


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Mar 22, 2022

I have a problem with betslips on videoslots and im missing ~60euros from my account.

It all happended on 17th february when I tried to place bets, got info that bets are rejected but money from my account is gone.

Everytime when I go to live chat to see what is going on I get the same response that they are workinflg on it and they cant give me exactly a timeframe when it will be solved.

Its been 13 days since problem happened and I havent seen a single euro still returned to me.

Username on vs <snip>

Can you help me @Team.Videoslots
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@Team.Videoslots i allready tried but I cant. I get info that my message is flagged as spam or something like that. I guess there are some limitations on my account here because I'm new member.
Could you send me a message 1st and I will try to reply?

Ok so here we go again.
Issue happened on 17th february and I still didnt got my money back. Let's say that you have only one person (even you said "our team") dealing with this issue and that he is not working on weekends and he works 8 hours shifts.

Between 17th february and today there was 12 full working days.
12 x 8 hours = 96 working hours

So, you want to tell me that ur tech guy wasnt able to solve this issue for now over 100 working hours.
Without any intension to insult anyone but I think that person with just one hand and broadband internet would do it faster. Why do you even pay them?

This is just simply discrase.

Anyone here on forum who also had same issue as me?

No news yet @Team.Videoslots ? 34 days....
Hello Kiflica,
There is unfortunately not a resolution to the issues you had experienced on the 17th of February yet, but rest assured that we're still looking into the matter and working on resolving everything that had gone wrong for your account on that date.

I do apologies that this is taking some time, and we hope for your further patience while we work everything out.

Kind regards.
Team Videoslots.
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