Victorias Poker Mac compatible


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
This is a VERY small room. Usually only 1 game, sometimes 2 going. .25/.50 and 1/2 holdem. The games are easy. I think this is because it is mostly mac users who dont get any other online poker experience. Rake on the micro limit is 5 cents per $1, the 1/2 is 25 cents per $5. They have a Main Event freeroll once a week you must qualify for by playing hands or winning a small $20 or so freeroll earlier in the week. Software has quirks but it seems to work fine on macs from talking to the other players. If you like short handed low limit games check it out, they are easy. email support about their promos, they are usually good for loyal players.

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Just to let all know it appears that Victoria's Poker is no longer with us. Recently they removed their download from the site and replaced it with "We will be relaunching soon". They also owe the prop company run by money.

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