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Sep 20, 2004
No more Heroes
Has anyone actually played slots at this casino?

I have a guest account, but until tonight I had only played the usual suspects using the Flash casino, e.g. Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck, Spring Break etc.

However tonight I thought I would play the download version of the casino, to see how Loaded, Harveys, Moonshine etc. liked me, :D with the view to changing my guest account into a real account.

What a painful experience that turned out to be. :eek: The games available were purely 3-line slots, with nary a video game in sight. I didn't think casinos this antiquated still existed. Not in this century, anyway.

Not sure why it is on CM's accredited list :confused: unless it is due to the fact that it is part of the Trident Group. It is certainly not due to the thrills and spills of playing slots!

Their support was not very good either - I kept being told to go to the games lobby, even after I told them there was no games lobby. For a few minutes I thought I was lead dame in a pantomime - Yes there there isn't...yes there there isn't....:D

To be avoided at all costs, I would have said.
Sounds like its on the old software still. Certainly the focus at Trident seems to be on Neptunes & Trident Lounge. I know there are some others still running pre-Viper: Playboy and Home being two...interestingly Home is being phased out and Playboy is not being heavily marketed. Wonder if VegasUSA is just in survival mode?

That said, VegasUSA is still Trident and I'm surprised you got slow support. At least you know they are totally above board and will pay etc though. Reputable is the word...even if the software is still very 20th Century :D
You know, I had forgotten that this casino was still running the old MG software. My following comment probably belongs in the superstition thread... I've always liked the VP better in the old (pre Viper) software.
I might be wrong here... but I am pretty sure Vegas USA used to be powered by the old Grand Virtual software - the one which had MIDI files for it's background music etc. Then it went Microgaming and I guess ultimately was bought up by Trident.

Am I right in thinking this or is my memory playing up?! Maybe too many Friday-night drinkies!!

change coming...

I read in a recent Trident Lounge newsletter that VegasUSA will be moving to Viper software in the near future. No date was given for the launch, however.
I agree with Simmo's view here - and the risk of encountering difficulties at the Trident group is very low - it's one of the best managed outfits in the business and has a reputation to match.
Thumper: RIP!

I received a very nice email from customer support upon closure of my account, stating the following:

Although VegasUSA has old thumper software, we thought it would be updated in the near future. I have just found out that this information is incorrect. In the future VegasUSA will be no more, it will be shut down by us rather than revamped. (distant future)

It was also suggested that as King Neptune and Trident Lounge are state-of-the-art, perhaps I would consider playing there, which I will do. I believe in the Trident group whole-heartedly. It was just the lousy games available at VegasUSA which threw me.

SO...King Neptune, here I come. :notworthy
As i suspected :)

I seem to remember someone saying a loooong time back that one of the games (was it Blackjack?) in the old "thumper" software offered better odds to the player. Anyone remember?
The single deck blackjack is has a lower house edge than the Atlantic City, Vegas Strip, European or Downtown versions found in the Viper software, although some casinos also have it in the Viper version but without autoplay.
customer support said:
In the future VegasUSA will be no more, it will be shut down by us rather than revamped. (distant future)
Thanks for the update on the VegasUSA. I wonder what changed their plans.:confused:

Trident is my favorite MG group, btw.

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