Vegas24.Com Reliable? Trustworthy??


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Oct 8, 2006
I have received some advertising material for and am tempted to play there but cannot find any details about them.

No mention of them at all on CM so presume they are very new.

anybody know anything about them, or successfully played them and got paid??


I did a Whois - they are VERY new !

Registrant: Make this info private
Emancipatieboulevard 31

Domain Name: VEGAS24.COM

Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
Emancipatieboulevard 31
Phone: 0034-626333527

Record expires on 11-Jun-2008
Record created on 27-Feb-2007
Database last updated on 01-Mar-2007

Domain servers in listed order: Manage DNS


software appears to be Digital Gaming Network - I don't know much about them
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I do not recognise any of the slots so the software is probably "in house"
The site is well presented and there is live support and UK and US phone lines.
Probably ok but as KK suggests proceed with caution.
The server says iGaming Software which could indicate IGS out of Argentina as well - they use a version of the FB source code sold to them some time ago and tweaked.

Either way, to quote the 'Meister in previous cases - RUN, don't walk away.
Since playing here, I've had a great experience. They offer an extremely generous first deposit bonus AND a monthly reload, with only craps and roulette banned.

Have made one withdrawal which was processed quickly, and made another today.

CS are excellent, and Daniel the casino manager is always ready to help.

I know my two pence won't count for much here given I'm not a regular user, but just thought I'd stick up for the casino.
Becareful with this lot.They have been playing around a couple days with my withdrawal, so I would take caution here

I know a couple days is short, but when they just say that they "are looking into it" and "its in the queue" and "we dont have a timeframe" I would consider taking extreme caution
I have been waiting for a cashout for a staggering 19! days now...

Everytime i talk to the livechat they say that everything is ok and that my cashout is in the quee.

I sent an email to an vegas24 affiliate, this is the reply.

They are experiencing some cash flow issues that are resulting in the slow
payments that u are experiencing. Rest assured, you will be paid in full,
it's just a matter of how quickly. Please send me your casino
username/account number as well as the date and amount of your deposit and
withdrawal request and I will get in touch with my contact at Vegas 24 and
see if I can do anything to help get your cashout sped up.

Thanks and sorry for the hassles.

I dont know what to make out of this... I just pray that I wil be paid :\
I just got paid! Took them a long 20 days to do so, but my money finaly arrived today!

Braastad XO cognac, here i come!
I've been waiting for 2 weeks now for my cashout.

They are stalling all the time, don't give out a timeframe and it looks really suspicious. I still am half-confident I will get paid eventually, but I wouldn't put anymore money into that place.

I can only imagine that if there is something going on, the cashouts will get delayed more and more until eventually some players don't get paid at all anymore.

Be careful folks.
I am waiting a month now myself - first was advised was a tech prob, then was promised a week ago by the manager Daniel, would be actioned immediately - and nothing since. Since this is an ongoing casino, taking people's funds but not paying - I would hope something here could possibly be done to protect & inform people.
I Was Paid

I waited almost a week. Was then told by Daniel that due to extreme bonus abuse on blackjack and now baccarrat they have had delays while they go through all players game play, to determine if bonus abuse has occured, which has slowed their payments. Apparently they have turned off offering free money to both very popular methods (BJ and Bacc)to try and stop the widespread bonus abuse, so that they can expedite withdrawals.

Friggin waited 13 weeks for superslots to pay me. 5 weeks for yukon gold, and 8 weeks for aztec gold.

Software is a bit slow but I like how it is not the exact same stuff that every other online casino has. Really like that Fort Knox game too.

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