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Mar 18, 2006
Albuquerque, NM
I was looking at this survey at wizardofodds and it shocked me how wide the payout range is between competing casinos in Vegas (granted this survey is a few years old and surely some things have changed)

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that's just horrible that some of these operators payout less than 90%. Nevada definately needs to step up and require these guys to post publicly their payout % (and I don't mean the 98% bs posted everywhere on giant billboards)

when it comes to most of these B&M casinos, thank god for table games and video poker
I played at a land casino yesterday, started at 530pm with $20, played slots till 200am cashing out with $65...I actually was amazed I was up $100 several times, I walked around the casino trying all the slots I hadnt played before, would hit within a few spins, all on minimum bets (.20 spins) . Then I'd go try a new one. I lost only when I went back to a favorite game of mine that disappointed with low payouts on bonuses or no bonuses!
I have never experienced a streak like this..oh, we only have one type of video poker, jacks or better with a horrible paytable. I started at 100am, did ok but my eyes were so bleary I had to quit cause I couldnt focus on the cards! Thank heaven I wasnt driving!
Im gonna go to Wizards ck out the odds page you were talking about. I remember someone saying in the forum there are lots of variables to the payout percentage that you never really get a true percentage (thats bad). After reading Simmos Vegas page Im getting a hankering to go there again!
I'm surprised it's as high as 90% actually. Our "pub slots" over here are more 75% and the way the Vegas ones played me, I was thinking they were similar :)
The casinos have to turn in their monthly payback % per denomination but the only way i have seen it published is as a group average. For example: under Nevada it shows the % for say the Strip, then for downtown, then for north las vegas, etc. for Mississippi it will show the avg % for all coastal casinos and then for the tunica group. I saw these numbers monthly when i subscribed to Strictly Slots magazine.

Going by memory these are the numbers i remember showing up almost every month:

.25 machines (Nevada) Payout %
Vegas Strip 92
Downtown 94
N. Las Vegas 96-97
Boulder 96

FWIW, Atlantic City was usually aroun 90-91%, Coastal Mississippi around 92% as was Tunica area. In fact, most of the other areas of the country were mostly in the 90-92% range. N. Vegas and Boulder were ALWAYS the best payouts in the country.

PS- Indian casinos are not required to publish their payout% and the vast majority do not. (i think we all know why).

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