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Feb 28, 2020

Hey guys :)

Today, I would like to talk to you about low wager slots.

Low stake or ‘low limit’ slots are games that give you the chance to spin the reels and win.
For some players, the idea of wagering low limit slots is not as exciting because they think that the rewards won’t be as huge.
However, there are low stake slot games that offer substantial payouts.

The price of low limit slots depends on the casino you’re playing at. In most online casinos, the lowest betting range is at US$0.10. Remember that the amount can also be affected by the game you’re playing. In most cases, table games and slot games have different betting requirements. The wagering limits for progressive slots can also differ because the amount usually ranges between US$1 to US$5.

Do low stake slots ensure big wins?

Slot games are based on luck and randomly generated combinations, which is why there is no definite strategy to ensure your win. That’s why the amount of your wager doesn’t really matter because it won’t guarantee the symbols to land on paylines. But, if you do place big bets on low stake slots, there’s a possibility that you can take home big rewards when you land matching sets of icons. The larger the wager, the higher the chances to win.

Why should you play low stake games?

If you’re a beginner on a budget, low wager games allow you to assess the slot you’re playing without losing huge in one go. Doing this can help familiarize the features and combinations you can potentially unlock while playing. Moreover, you can slowly work your way up in terms of wagering until you’re ready to place higher bets.

Win big with these low limit slot tips and tricks

Playing low limit slot games is thrilling and often compels you to wager more. However, you should remember that while this cheap thrill gives you unparalleled fun and entertainment, you can still encounter losses if you’re not careful. So, before getting lost in the spinning reels, here are some tips you can incorporate into your gameplay:

* Look for a casino that offers low limit games

Not all online casinos offer low limit slot games. That’s why you need to look for a site that offers games within your budget. You can easily check if the site has inexpensive slots when you open the game information and select the betting ranges it offers. This way, you can assess the games you want to play without hurting your bankroll.

* Mind multiple lines and bet sizes you’re wagering on

Once you find the game you want, make sure you know the paylines and bet sizes you’re wagering on. Even if you choose a low limit slot, you can still end up spending more if you wager on all the lines. Moreover, your wager also depends on your budget. In general, slots have an estimate of 600 spins per hour. This means that if you wager on all 600 spins, you can end up losing more money than planned.

* Check the RTP of the game

A slot game’s RTP is also an important factor you should always consider. The RTP or the Return to Player is the percentage figure you see in the game’s information. This determines the payouts you can receive after playing. If you’re playing for low limit slots, look for games with high RTPs to get the chance to take home competitive payouts.

* Stay away from progressive slots

To maximize your payouts, it’s best to refrain from playing progressive slot games. This type of slot game is best played by high rollers who do not have a limited budget. The reason for this is that you need to place the highest wager for this game to be eligible for high payouts.

* Be a mindful player

When the stakes are low and you’re having fun, it’s easy to get carried away while playing. However, always make sure that you don’t overspend and hurt your bankroll in the process by having a fixed amount of money for gambling. Don’t overspend even if it’s cheap because once you compute the accumulated amount, it can surprise you.

Low wager games you can enjoy

Here are some titles you can try out in our casino:

1. Take Santa’s Shop by Betsoft

It’s not the time to be nice because the crook working in Santa’s shop wants you to team up with him to plunder St Nick’s shop where you can score exciting payouts. Christmas is here in Take Santa’s Shop and it’s time for a thrilling adventure that can grant you riches up to 3,000 credits! If you want to make the yuletide season more fun, you can do so at a minimum wager of US$0.20.

2. Necromancer by Evoplay

The Necromancer is an exciting VR slot that will take you to the darkest parts of the netherworld where you can meet the powerful Necromancer. Be his loyal apprentice because he can conjure exciting payouts for you. What’s more thrilling is that you can enjoy this game at a minimum wager of US$0.1.

3. Under the Bed by Betsoft

Under the Bed is an exciting game that will take you to the room of Jessie and Jane. Inside their dimly-lit room, you will find friendly monsters who will grant you exciting game features and payouts. Have fun monster-hunting and play this game at US$0.02.

4. Book of Dead by Play’n GO

Book of Dead is a classic slot game developed by Play’n GO. This Egyptian-themed slot follows the story of Riche Wilde, a treasure hunter who loots the pyramids in Egypt for rare treasures that can grant you riches up to 250,000 credits. Join him in this undertaking because you only need to wager 0.1 credit to access this exciting slot.

5. Vikings Go Berzerk by Yggdrasil

Vikings Go Berzerk is an exciting game that will take you to the icy Scandinavian seas where you can witness the fierce battle between the sirens and the mighty Viking warriors. Play this game anytime, anywhere because it’s compatible with any device such as mobile, PC, or tablet. Experience the spellbinding charm of this slot game with a minimum bet of US$0.1.

How about, do you prefer high or low stake slots?


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