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Mar 19, 2004
Pacific Northwest USA
I just wanted to share my current experience with Vegas Magic and am wondering if anybody else had ever had a problem with them.

I signed up with them, deposited 200$ and didn't take any bonus. I had an absolutely great run on that 200 bucks! I managed, in the course of two days, to hit 2 royal flushes on different games and one 3000.00 jackpot on the Crazy Dragon slots :cheers: Well, I figured that was too much luck and expected to get an email about machine glitches and what not. I didn't get any emails, so to be on the safe side, I gambled away everything down to $2500. I figured a $2300 profit on 200 bucks was pretty good and I did have alot of fun playing with house money. I cashed in on March 12 and have yet to see any of the so-callled "Fastest Online Cashins" results yet. I've had numerous correspondence with them and they keep telling me that they are missing my credit card authorization form, so I kept faxing it in to them at the rate of 1-2 per day. I also sent them a slew of documents proving I am who I am. Finally, I got an email saying that they received my auth. form and then that was it. I just called and asked about the status and they said management was reviewing it and I should have the money by today or Monday. I asked if there was a problem and she said no, that it was just going thru normal procedures.

Has anyone else ever gone thru this type of thing with Vegas Magic? I'm not Pitching a Bitch yet as I'm going to wait and see if that money shows up by Monday. It just seems like they were stalling and expecting me to believe that they weren't receiving the auth. form when they were getting everything else.
WTG on thos wins! Just be patient and let them do their thing. They like to make you wait because they are hoping you'll get antsy and go back and reverse your withdrawl and gamble it away DON'T FALL INTO THIS TRAP!! Hide the icon, put it in your recycle bin or something, but under no circumstances reverse the money. If after a couple of weeks you still haven't gotten paid, then pitch-a-bitch. But other than that, pester them once a day for a status update.
Vegas Magic Update

Thank you for the words of advice, jpm. I didn't have any problem keeping the money in the account over the weekend - this turned into a matter of principal and I'd be damned if I was going to cave in and gamble it away ;)

Anyways, I called them this morning and after a few moments they came back and said the money was on its way. It showed up in my neteller account an hour later. I'll most like try them out every now and then to see how cashins go hereafter since I've gone thru the "first" hurdle and am now accepted as a bona fide player. Though somehow I doubt that I'll ever be able to recreate those two royal flushes and one jackpot :D

I love this site - very informative and no bull :thumbsup: . I'll be putting it as a main focus on the gambling pages of the two search engine/community websites I have currently under development.

Thanks to all and good luck at the tables. Cris
That's good news Cris! BTW, which games did you hit the royals on?

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