Used the casino operator link


Dormant account
Nov 9, 2001
I made a Neteller deposit at Royal Vegas casino.
Got an error message saying "unable to contact Neteller".
No funds deposited in the casno bank.

At Neteller there was transaction showing the transfer to to the casino.

I contacted Neteller and got the transaction ID.

Live chatted with a CSR and was told the accounting people were out for a day because of a holiday. My deposit was connected to a bonus and had to be credited that day.

came to CM and used the Casino Operator Link.
Emailed fortunelounge Casino Representative.
I received this reply:
Thank you for your enquiry addressed to The Vice President of
Operations. The Vice President of Operations is away on business and he
has asked that I give this matter my personal attention. Please allow
me to introduce myself, my name is Oliver and I am the current Floor
Manager on duty at the Casino. We received this notification from
Casino Meister.
There was more to the message but my casino account was credited that day.

Thanks CM and Fortune Lounge.

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