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Dec 12, 2000
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Author Topic: More Announcements from RTG
Member posted 01-23-2002 06:48 AM
It is my pleasure to announce that Magic Oasis is now under the management of Windows Casino. Under an agreement with RealTime Gaming, Windows Casino has agreed to set up an email address for players at Magic Oasis that feel they are owed money by the former management. Please submit all claims to [email protected]
Windows Casino has committed to pay all complete and valid claims within three weeks with interest. Furthermore, Windows Casino, Magic Oasis, along with Tony Friedman, have dissassociated themselves with the OCMA. Windows Casino is a long standing and financially strong and reputable orgainzation. Players of Magic Oasis now can expect the same quality service, fast payouts and financial stability that Windows Casino customers have enjoyed.

For claims relating to Magic Oasis, please use this address [email protected] instead of the RealTime Gaming Form.