Unsolicited message from Click-to-Pay??


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Feb 26, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
:confused:I have an account with Click to Pay but have never used it. Neither do I recall ever having heard from them. Based on the way internet fraud has a tendency to run rampant and also that there is good reason for U.S. players to be looking over their shoulders in general in today's unfriendly climate I thought this email quite odd. Additionally it is a "Welcome" email and I joined quite some time ago. I have not generated any activity to prompt this email. Here it is:

Welcome to CLICK2PAY!

You were registered with the email address:

This email address serves as your username and enables you - in
combination with your secret password - to access the CLICK2PAY portal
site or - in combination with your Personal Account Number (PAN) - to
authorize payments with your CLICK2PAY account.

When logon to CLICK2PAY the first time please note that your birth date
is your password. The format is YYYYMMDD.
Example: if your birth date is 30. December 1960 you must enter

We highly recommend that you change your password after the first login.

Your Personal Account Number (PAN)
To find your PAN, simply logon to your CLICK2PAY Account at
www.click2pay.com. You find the PAN just on the first page after
successful login.

We recommend that you link your bank account as your primary funding
. Once you have completed the sign-up process, you will not
need to pre-fund your CLICK2PAY account. You can complete all deposits
from within the Merchant software in 2 easy steps.

Please make a first deposit between $50 and $100 before attempting a
higher amount. This will allow the CLICK2PAY system to adjust your

Password Security
Your secret password ensures the security of your data - don't give it
to anybody, neither over the phone, per email nor over the Internet -
ONLY over the secure CLICK2PAY website. Please contact our customer
service at [email protected] in case the event of fraud.

Thank you for using CLICK2PAY.


Your CLICK2PAY Service Team

That's it. Tell me I'm just being paranoid. Did anyone else receive one of these??


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
This could be a result of Click2Pay screwing up, the system seeing the account has never been activated and sending out a welcome message. It could also be a phishing attempt, sent to many people in the hole that some will actually have just created a Click2Pay account, and would be expecting such a message, and would probably click through and do whatever is asked. If phishing, it would be the bank details they were after, through a fake Click2Pay lobby.

If genuine, Click2Pay are incompetent.


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Sep 17, 2006
San Diego
I did not receive such an email. Agree it's probably a screwup.

If you right click the url in the email, you can see the site it's going to. If it's click2pay, it's probably cool. If it's some weird url, it's almost definitely phishing.

Either way, I wouldn't really do anything with it.


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Jul 19, 2006
NorthWest USA
Its phishing... Click will greet you with your name. No name on here. Someone got your address from a portal or gaming site.