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Can anyone give me their opinion on these offers for turnkey casinos?
Some examples I have seen are Gamecities and yoursportsbookcasino. Are they worth the money and can you make any money? Any input is helpful.


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Hi jsol07,

Welcome to the forum. The yoursportsbookcasino.com redirects to Casino Fortune, so I am unsure which company you are referring to.

About "turnkey" solutions, I would avoid all of these unless you have a very large budget and are looking at a major software provider. Even then, you'll be responsible for your own support in most cases.

Most of the smaller operations are just a disaster waiting to happen. Many of these do not have the financial backing to withstand a large number of winning players - and in most cases, the licensee doesn't either. Again, I would avoid these and invest your money in something not as risky or damaging.