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What is the best company to go with? I have looked at about half a dozed, they all seem very very similar....
Tha Atlantic Casino has a blackjack that is not winnable!!

Stay away Repeat ! Stay away from that casino. If you want to test it out and lose money while doing it, try this!
Keep track of the dealers' wins and 21.vs yours!
The play of cards is repeated and if you monitor it long enough you may be able to predict the three blackjacks per hour you will get.
Two always come together. Then its back to the fixed dealer win.

Pass on this warning.

there are all similar

best so far are microgammimg sites

and starnet sites
www.ownyourowncasino.com does "jump sites", basically web site front-ends to their own casino. You pay $4K to $20K for a cookie-cutter set of web pages that drives people to their casino, and then you share some of the revenues from those people you drive there.

It's a scam basically since you could get a good web designer to do the same web pages for you for under $1000. Or do them yourself. Then just sign up with a nice affiliate program and you can make the same money without all the upfront cost.
Be very very very careful!! I lost over $5000 in a deal like this and guess what..the company disappeared overnight with my $$$. I am still trying to find them. They went by the name of Infotel Service Bureau. They were promoting PlanetLuckGames, although PLG denies ever being affiliated with them, and what I ended up getting was a web page (briefly until they disappeared) that linked to Sunset Casino, instead of "my own on line casino" like I was told I was getting!! I think they are all scams!! By the way..I made $14.00 in several months.
www.OwnCasino.com, owned by 2kServices Inc in MOntreal is a cheap and costeffective solution, I had good experience with them. They provide flash games in both downloadable and online versions, no sportsbook tho.

their package is priced $30k. but you can get them down to $20-25, depending on your negotiation skills ;-)

definately one to consider.
Clockmedia is, indeed, still around. A reader posted on my site that she found a new Clockmedia casino with the oh, so appropriate name of "Sixth Sense" Casino. The most memorable line from that movie: "I see dead people."

Does anyone have any experience with owncasino or these casinos:

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