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Aug 4, 2003
I got an e-mail from Trident Group for one promotion.

Anyone really read through their terms and understand what they are talking about? I gave up finish reading it.

Is it really necessary to have a promotion with this complexity?

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Trident Ca$$$h Card

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Participation in this promotion requires minimum deposits of $50 (2 x $25 deposits may be used) played through according to the following groups:
Group 1 Wager/play through Requirements: 5 times
Group 1 games: Slots; Keno; Scratch Card; Flip Card

Group 2 Wager/play through requirements: 15 times
Group 2 games: All games not included in any other group except all versions of Blackjack and all versions of Jacks or Better Poker

Group 3:Wager/play through requirements: 30 times
Group 3 games: Baccarat; All versions of Video, Multihand, and Power Pokers (except all versions of Jacks or Better Pokers)

Players will receive 1 stamp for each deposit that has been played through the appropriate number of times (or played to zero).
When the player has earned 10 stamps, s/he will be awarded an amount equivalent to the average of the 10 deposits made by the player.
Ca$$h Card stamps and Ca$$h Card bonuses are credited every day, Monday to Friday. Stamps and bonuses reflect transaction and wager activity ONLY after 48 hours.
Players will be notified by e-mail when their casino accounts have been credited with their Ca$$h Card Bonuses.
Maximum Ca$$h Card Bonus each calendar month: Regular players: $5,000 - VIP players: $8,000.
Each deposit will constitute a single contract and will pass or fail to qualify for a stamp based on that deposit's wagering.
When the Player cashes in (any amount) the contract for that deposit is completed and finalized.
A group of deposits may qualify for the relevant number of stamps only where no wagers are made between each deposit.
Game calculations to qualify for a stamp are as follows:

Players need to play through and meet the wager requirements in Group 1, OR Group 2, OR Group 3. The Game Group where the highest $ amount was wagered will be used to qualify for a stamp. Play combining games from more than one group will not be used to qualify towards a stamp. Deposits played to zero will automatically receive a stamp.

Deposit: $100
Played Group 1: $550
Played Group 2: $480
Played Group 3: $500
Combined played amount: $1530
Qualifies for Stamp: Yes
Qualifying Group= Group 1
Reason: Highest $ amount wagered was in Group 1 which had to be wagered a minimum of $500 to qualify for a stamp.

Deposit: $100
Played Group 1: $500
Played Group 2: $480
Played Group 3: $550
Combined played amount: $1530
Qualifies for a stamp: NO
Reason: Highest $ amount wagered was in Group 3 which had to be wagered a minimum of $3,000 to qualify for a stamp.

Deposit: $100
Played Group 1: $550
Played Group 2: $1,800
Played Group 3: $2,700
Combined played amount: $5,050
Qualifies for a stamp: NO
Reason: Highest $ amount wagered was in Group 3 which had to be wagered a minimum of $3,000 to qualify for a stamp.

Deposits used to play on any version of Blackjack and/or any version of Jacks or Better Pokers (any game that has Jacks or Better in its title) will not qualify for a Ca$$h Card stamp (unless played to zero).
Should you win a prize in a promotion other than the Ca$$h Card promotion, the first deposit of the day will not be counted towards a stamp on your Ca$$h Card unless explicitly stated on that promotion.
If your casino account is credited with a bonus from this or any other promotion: play following receipt of the bonus must first fulfill the bonus' wager requirements; once the bonus' wager requirements are fulfilled, all subsequent wagering will count for Ca$$h Card stamp eligibility.

For Example:
Deposited August 1: $100
Wagered August 1: $200 on slots
Bonus Received August 2: $50
Wagered August 2: $400 on slots
Stamp Received: 0
Wagers Needed for Stamp: $1,250 (Required wagers: Deposit: ($100 x 5 = $500) + Bonus: ($50 x 15 = $750)
Actual wagers made: $200 + $400 = $600
Further Wagers required to receive stamp: $650

Deposits and play at Trident Lounge Multi-Player Casino will not count towards Trident Ca$$h Card stamps.
Trident Entertainment reserves the right to discontinue or change this promotion at its discretion with advance notice provided to all participants.
Prizes and free chip gifts are awarded to winning players or available to be claimed by winning or qualifying players according to this Promotion.
Your participation in this promotion is subject to the casino's terms of use.
All Trident Entertainment Group decisions are final.
Unclaimed Prizes
Any prize amount or free chip gift that is not claimed or used within 30 days of the expiry of the individual Contest or Promotion will be forfeited.
Trident Entertainment Group reserves the right to remove any unclaimed or unused monetary prize or free chip gift without further obligation to the original recipient.
This promotion is open to all Real Money Players at any Trident Entertainment Group Casino (King Neptune's, Trident Lounge and Vegas USA).
Employees, officers and directors of Trident Entertainment Group, its promotional or other agencies, licensees and licensors, service providers and any other associated or affiliated companies shall not be eligible for entry. The same terms shall apply to the direct families of such persons.

Minimum Play Through Requirements
All this says is that if you mix games between various types - ie. baccarat and slots - the game (group) in which you wager the highest is the one under which the playthrough requirements will be calculated.

Most people I know generally stick to either slots, tables, or video poker - so these calculation methods will generally be straightforward.

BTW, the CashCard is one of the best promotions on the Net - the only reason it has become a bit more confusing is because this promotion got major-league abused by some people. It just goes to prove that a few bad apples could ruin things for the rest of us.

Having said that, I always play slots nowadays - and it's always a pleasant surprise to see the bonus in my account (from which I have won a few times).

If you are confused by these T&Cs - it's probably for a reason :) Blackjack and Jacks or Better Power Poker (all versions) are completely excluded from counting towards CashCard stamp requirements.

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