Tribeca shed customer support and IT staff


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May 7, 2004
A source at Tribeca Tables has said that the company has laid off almost 30%of its first and second tier support staff. The firings were from UK and North American locations. The source said that The remaining support staff is very busy. We are still servicing an unchanged level of poker players. The source went on to say that
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Another perspective

There seems to disagreement within the company on this report. That figure of 30 percent looked rather high and so this morning I asked the (Tribeca) company involved to confirm it.

The management was more than a little surprised, and commented:

"We think this report is incorrect. We certainly have not released anyone from the UK.

"It is certainly nothing like 30 percent of our staff. I believe we have released a couple of development engineers who were working on future projects in North America. These were some light-weight functionality projects that were terminated by us.

"All the customer support staff are still in place for a smooth transistion of the European facing accounts to the Playtech platform."

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