TradaCasino - Hunt For 'The Golden D'


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Hey Everyone!

As some of you may be aware we have launched Bonanza Megaways by Big Time Gaming!
It is quickly becoming the most popular game too!

To celebrate the launch of Bonanza Megaways, and due to the success of our last hunt, get ready to hunt for
"The Golden D".

I've hidden 6 Golden D's throughout our site, some are harder to find than others.
Your task is simple, find 3 of the 6, drop me a PM with your registered email address, and either a screenshot or a description of the exact location you had found them.
*Remember, this is a raffle, if you tell others the location of the D's, you make it more difficult for you to win.*

Once I respond, you'll automatically be entered into a raffle to win one of eight different prizes.

The prizes are;
  • 1st Place: £/$/€50 Cash
  • 2nd Place: £/$/€25 Cash
  • 3rd - 8th Place: £/$/€5 Bonus Cash

What do you think, can you find the D?

Terms & Conditions
  • Six 'D Symbols' from Bonanza symbols will be hidden on the site. Entrants must find the location of three 'D Symbols' to enter and specify where they found them with either a screenshot or with the exact location of where they are
  • 1st Prize: £/$/€50 Cash
  • 2nd Prize: £/$/€25 Cash
  • 3rd- 8th Prize: £/$/€5 Bonus Cash (5x wagering requirement). Standard bonus terms apply.
  • One entry per Casinomeister member. Entrants must be registered at to be included in the draw and must have deposited within 2018.
  • Entries must be in before 16:00 UK Time on the 9th of November. Winners will be announced at 16:30 UK Time on the 9th of November via this Thread.


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ty for comp Conor, and gl to all, i played today no D for me, but this one was easy



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to late @spoo42 haha this time but gg


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its funny how bonanza play on Trada, first spin is a little lag and then drop is ultra fast, but now i can play my fav slot also on Trada so ty


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It's a raffle @smart_croatia :)
Entry is guaranteed once you get three Golden D's
The prizes however are all decided based on the raffle results :)

i know, i was just trolling him coz last time he was first haha


Tickled Pink
omg, this time was so hard to find even 3.

later on, if I roll a ....carpet , I might be in the mood to find the last 3 "D" but for now thanks for the comp Trada :cheerleader::cheerleader::cheerleader: