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Mar 9, 2007
I just got an email for a 5x bonus at Tower Gaming. Has anyone ever heard of this casino? I don't want to deposit to any sketchy sites.
Had a quick look at their site. First impressions:-

Brand new casino, poker & bingo site - obviously launched this year.
Professional looking website, but maybe launched before they are fully ready...?
Right now the casino is unavailable for 'improvements'
The 5x bonus appears to be only for the poker.
The screenshots of the poker are the same software used by Cake Poker. I don't know if any other rooms use this software, but my guess would be that Tower is just a skin of Cake. (Probably with the same management).

Conclusion: They should be OK! :thumbsup:
Ah for crying out loud, now you have moved this vendetta over here!

The fact is that you promoted rakeback for them when this is not allowed and got caught, thus making everything null and void.
Tower Gaming are a bunch of scammers, they offer illegal deals .
Personally i have had a really bad experience with them. They promise you a really nice deal and x8 unlimited and soon after the player contacts them regarding the bonus, they say the deal was never made and close your account with over 5k.

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This is the way to get banned from the forum, and this will NOT further your cause.
Known as "cross posting", it seems your intent is now to resurrect each and every Tower Gaming thread, and promote your side of this dispute.
This will dilute your cause, as people will chip in all over the place. The moderators will have a mess to clear up later, and will not be too happy about it.
The initial thread you started was legitimate, you chose to discuss the issue as a Poker related complaint, but what you are doing now breaches form rules. It will make your complaint seem like a petty vendetta, and it will no longer be taken seriously. It already looks like "six of one, and half a dozen of the other".
Towergaming experiences

I have deposited at Towergaming several times. They have very nice software, and they paid me every time in 2 days, even on weekends! However last time they sent me a letter that I am eligible for 100% reload bonus in their casino. When I deposited, I got only 25%. I wrote them a letter to ask for the missing 75%, no reply. Since then I do not play there.

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