Tower Gaming Doesnt Pay me for 3 months


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
I asked why the player was not tracked to my account, since according to the player he didnt have an affiliate.

So where do you see that this act is theft of anykind?

I think its only normal procedure that all affiliates do when the player is not tracked to their account

Seeing theft of some kind.........

[9/23/2009 6:25:35 PM] David Visser: ok - how did he come through that affiliate?
[9/23/2009 6:25:46 PM] David Visser: did he not clear cookies?
[9/23/2009 6:25:57 PM] Bruno: I am not sure
[9/23/2009 6:26:04 PM] Bruno: he has been playing for 1-2 months
[9/23/2009 6:26:12 PM] Bruno: and his bonus was finished
[9/23/2009 6:26:15 PM] Bruno: i contacted tom
[9/23/2009 6:26:20 PM] Bruno: he said to contact you
[9/23/2009 6:26:24 PM] Bruno: since you deal with bonuses
[9/23/2009 6:26:31 PM] Bruno: and he said the player is not tracked to me
[9/23/2009 6:27:19 PM] David Visser: ok switched - but if that affiliate says somthing I will switch him back - I always play fair - for all parties


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Oct 31, 2005
They cheated me too. They didn't honor our deal. (about 1500$ I lost to that cheaters.... ) If you want to sponsor a scam play in Tower Gaming with pleasure....
They didn't pay me what they should because ............... I had too good conditions in past !!!:eek2::eek2::eek2::eek2:
+ I lost much health (priceless) due to that f&^&%^&g P5 software
+ money which I lost due to many bugs - especially PopUp Table On Action
function which somehow deactivated every day - and money which I lost when I
not play good because I was displayable from balance by that software (in
total it was hundred of dollars).
I propably should leave Ongame just after they introduced “outstanding” P5 software but as a loyal player I tortured there many months until I finally told STOP months ago. And from few months I even can’t open new Cake software (it is standard problem with Windows XP in Cake).
"Thanks" to that loyalty when I lost extremely much health and many dollars they additionally cheated me for about next 1500$....
I even asked only about part money from that deal - they refused few times!!!!
If somebody could help me?? Please...