Spammer! this Ladbrokes affiliate spam! please draw to attention Ladbroke rep


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Feb 5, 2015

Ive had daily messages over the last few days, which I didn't consent to

Affiliate link: (have supressed my email address from query string){my email address}&msg=1537345767&li=10307&tr=19510&sr=220

Its just part of the tide of spammy casino affiliates cack I have to de-junk every day... I didnt consent to them contacting me, and am allways careful about checking opt-outs/unchecking opt-ins on any web transactions requiring my email address.

Its spammy behaviour, using a questionable black hat obtained email lists, and at the end of the day reflects badly on the casino being promoted... I wouldnt deal with a casino that allows its affiliates to spam

Please make sure the Ladbrokes rep is aware of this
unsubscribe links direct you to a convincing looking unsubscribe page with daily/weekly/never contact me options....

But.... all the other spam, also directs to the same looking unsubscribe page... (and the HTML code behind the unsubscribe pages looks the same!!, bar the POST direct URL)

been 2 days since unsubscribing to loads of them from the same (disguised) source

I've run a WhoIs search on the various emails, and they all originate from here>>>

Moniker Online Services LLC
New Zealand

Any casino representives here from:
Supercasino (also I had a live webchat with you guys)

for todays spammy offerings??

Lets see if we can get this knocked on the head the gentlemanly way...

I've made enquiries about the complaint process to the I.C.O.
Do I follow that route, or do I 'report abuse' to the ISP?
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